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September Ash-Kickers 2018   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 10/1/18 by ModSue (VentasSue); 256353 views.

From: Nanp123


Hi Gloria,

Well said - thanks for the needed support! Congratulations on your 64 days and 2 stars!!! 

Today has been a struggle & the beast has been shouting at me  

I am staying strong - I don't want to start over - the first time was hard enough!

I have noticed in the last 9 1/2 days if I have a real bad day, the next day is better so I am hoping tomorrow is an easier struggle.

This forum is my go to place and I am so happy I found it!

Have a great night!


Quit 9/22/18  New season - new beginning

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From: Mrissa


Hey DGLR relaxed

Way to go through the weekend! What day are you on?

I got some cinnamon gum yesterdayboom I'm alternating between nrt and regular gum. Following the instructions I was given.

Icy water has been helping me too.

I relate to the annoyance towards enthusiasm... I have been limiting my interactions socially with non smoking friends who have seen me smoking for years and wanted me to quit.

I had to hold the phone away from my ear as one of my friends rambled on about how it will all be over soon (I was in the 2nd week around day 8 or 9) and i was speed walking trying to convince my brain that there was no way I was going to rummage through my neighbors as tray! If only my friend understood the reality..but I was too embarrassed to confess my junkie thinking to her.

I've learned the reality through this forum of the road ahead and I'm under no illusions any more about the time period. 

I've been recounting my history of smoking and the several times I quit I never made it to 2 years.... I'd cave at 3 months, a year etc.... now I feel like I'm a more informed quitter.

I'm looking forward to the weekends stacking up to more and more weekends!....

But for today...its enough... I choose not to smoke a puff today.

Like you said..  we got a long way to go...and we've already come a long wayfootprintsfootprints no going back

Your doing it DLGR we got this we can do it


From: lizzyboo45


Congratulations BO,

You really deserve that star it's a cracker!

Keep your quit Safe and Strong you got this!


Day 41 star2


From: Wuffie34


Congratulations Bo!! So excited for you today!! You've done awesome!!


From: Wuffie34


That is amazing, all that in one month!! You are doing great!!

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From: Wuffie34


Welcome Lori! 


From: Wuffie34


Sleep is totally messed up here! I have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep and then waking up to my alarm at 3:45 am LOL! I just try to keep the grumps to myself knowing at some point I will straighten out!


From: Wuffie34


So sorry for you having to deal with such a tough situation. ((Hugs))


From: Nanp123


Thanks Wuffie - trying to stay strong! 

Need a good night's sleep so goodnight!  

BMann (bmann018)

From: BMann (bmann018)


One month Bo!! What an accomplishment. I remember quitting becoming much easier once I got that first month behind me, not saying that I still had to remain diligent on a daily basis. I hope you take a little time to pamper yourself for this milestone, you deserve it.

Then tomorrow, back to NOPING. I'm sure you will face your tomorrows with a great base and big time behind you. I also really like how engaged you are with other quitters here. I really think the engagement helps all of us. I benefit from reading your posts, right along with the subject of your posts and yourself. What a great forum here. Not sure I could have made it this far without all my quitting friends here.

Stay strong, stay in the present and protect that quit!! We are doing this!!