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August Champions 2015   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 9/3/15 by ModDee; 324223 views.

From: amfsmokefree


Hi Kim!

Aww - congrats! Another on the way! That is so exciting - we are getting close to trying to start our family - but we are working on building a house first! We are actually mid planning with an architect now for the plans - hope to be moved in by the end of 2021...its going to be a long process lol we are just at the beginning right now!

I am so glad to hear COVID hasn't touched anyone in your family - I pray it doesn't!

Yes - I am so glad I passed my exams - and I actually was promoted to manager too (basically they were just waiting for me to pass my CPA, as its mandatory for a management position) so I am glad I am done and can continue to progress at work as well! 

Gosh - 5 years - I really can't believe it some days. I honestly forget I even smoked! Right now is a bit stressful as we have the 2 storms in the gulf potentially headed our way - though its looking like Marco will go to Louisiana and miss us, but Laura is a little more unknown - hope she turns! 2020 has been crazy enough!! 

Talk to you soon! :)



From: kittymom413


Hi there, Kim,

I just wanted to stop by to congratulate you on earning your wings!! 5 years smoke free, who would have thought that we would be here still standing strong!! Thank you for always having my back through this journey. Sounds like you're a busy Grandma heart, God sure has blessed you & your family. 

(((BIG HUGS))) and lots of love coming your way,

Kitty cat


From: kittymom413



Congratulations on earning your wings!!! You are an inspiration & I'm proud that we were able to make this journey together!

(((BIG HUGS)))

Kitty cat