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NOPEvember 2018   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 11/30/18 by ModDee; 84103 views.

From: lizwilfred


Started a new med today, only about 4 weeks to wait to see if it works

I’m really over smoking just wish I felt happier.

Thank you for messaging, don’t wish you to feel sad too, but like you said good to know not alone. We’ll get there!


From: spartanfan


I just started weaning myself off the Wellbutrin...well I started at the beginning of June, its a 2 month process!  But the side effects were no bueno...weight gain, lack of motivation, ringing in my ears and increased anxiety are all possibilities and all things I’ve been dealing with.  I’ll be weaned off by end of July and then it could take another 2-3 weeks before it’s out of my system.  So we’ll see how I’m doing once September rolls around...won’t make any decisions about new meds until then.  In the meantime I’m trying to get out for a walk every morning and I’m taking CBd oil at night to help with the anxiety.  

Hope the meds work for you...the process is exhausting isn’t it?!  And I 100% agree...I love being a non smoking but dealing with my feelings (pre menopause mixed in too) is just blech!


From: lizwilfred


I’ve just started Prozac (fluoxetine).  It’s a hope it’ll lift my mood enough to move on. Wish I’d thought about it before, might be in a better place now!!

About to see what symptoms tonight holds for me. Speak soon


From: spartanfan


Let me know how it works for you, Liz.  That's the one I am planning to ask for if I feel I need to get on an SSRI.  From the little bit of research I've done, it doesn't have the same reputation as some others for massive weight gain.  I can't add any more weight to this body--just booked a Florida vacation for next month and I need a whole new wardrobe.  grrrrrrr


From: lizwilfred


I was on mirtazapine and immediately went matronly!! I’m back to 9st. I think you’ll see a difference quickly if it’s a drug that affects fat metabolism round your middle

I tried 5-HTP (herbal) to begin with for serotonin. Will let you know how I find this (have been to a different GP, she’s young and understands I don’t need weight gain to deal with too, let’s see!!)

I know exactly how you feel, on top of everything else you don’t need to squeeze into your jeansI was doing that too xx


From: HumbledPam


You too Liz! I haven't been much better keeping in touch on the forum, I still think about everyone though. You All have a safe place in my heart! Love you all!joy Forumily! 

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From: spartanfan


Hi friends!

Just checking in to see how everyone's doing.  Things have started getting a little hard for me again--stronger craves though my resolve to stay smoke free is stronger.   Staying busy and bought another paint by number kit so that's my guilty pleasure.  Since stopping the Wellbutrin I do feel as though my motivation has gotten a little better, so that's something!

Lilly started HS swim team practice today, school starts for both kids next Wednesday.  Hard to believe summer break is almost over, I feel like it just started!  Whole new learning curve with Lilly going to high school--spent almost the entire day just looking at the school's website, writing down key dates in the calendar and setting up her lunch account, etc.  It's overwhelming!

Hope you're all doing well!!



From: AsadAKhan


Hello Julie,

I hope you are feeling better now. Strong craves after so many months of quit really make me worried. I hope it will get better for you soon and this time will pass as well.

Is it a single bad day or long stretch of bad days.




From: spartanfan


It worried me a bit too!  But there is a thread here somewhere about the "tricky 8-11 month period" so knowing it's normal and seeing how other people have gotten through it has been so helpful for me.  Don't fret--I think it's more nicotine receptors shutting down so they're begging for mercy.  The craves are strong but they are not constant (maybe 2-3 a day) and since I know how to deal with them they are much easier to control.  

I hope this link works--this is the 8-11 month thread  http://forums.delphiforums.com/quit_smoking/messages/154/525


From: SteveAll


Hi Julie!

I have been having an uptick in cravings lately as well.  Not as much as you but maybe 2-3 a week.   Pretty annoying when I had a stretch of well over a month where I didn't have a single craving.  They are pretty minor though so I guess I can't complain too much. 

Can you believe it?  We are only a couple months shy of 1 year! I just crossed 9 months and didn't even think to celebrate it!  Its a mix between good and sad.  The cravings are minor and rare but the excitement and sense of accomplishment is also a bit fleeting.  I'm just a regular old non-smoker now.  Its a great place to be but I never really had that moment of pride where I looked back and appreciated the victory.  I was too busy fighting. Now, its so routine its just a thing I did.  Crazy.  
Ah well, you better believe I am going to milk the 1 year anniversary as much as I can!   :D