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March 2019 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 1/28/19 by Terry (abquitsmking); 191493 views.

From: Rassister


Hey Anthony,

 excited to hear you are busy with recertification.  That sure will kill some time and take your mind off the cigarettes.   Like I said, I had no idea that kangaroos had that temperament.  I really enjoyed learning more about them with my students.  We also explored Australia and New Zealand using Google Maps.   I don’t know that I will ever be able to explore that corner of the world but it sure does look amazing.  Ok sir, another day down.  Stay focused and don’t smoke no matter what happens today.  It is not worth it.  Yes, Suzy is still singing and I have started doing the twist to start losing some weight. We have a new group coming in to the clubhouse in 6 days.  Very exciting. 


From: Rassister


I used patches to take the edge off the initial cravings.  Take them off at night to avoid the dreams.   I must tell you that they are extremely helpful but you must get your mindset in place.  Make the decision to not smoke no matter what happens and you can beat this addiction.  It is a journey, not a race. The people on this forum are your support system.   Make up your mind that you can and will do this.  I do recommend the patches and the step down is nothing compared to the first weeks and months.  Good luck. 


From: Paula266


Hi. I remember you also. Great to see you here. I only had trouble weaning off the patch when, I decided after 2 weeks of the 14mgs, I was ready for the 7mg. Well after 3 hours I took it off and put the 14 back on. I just got in a hurry, they come with directions. I have seen post where some people even extended the amount of time according to the directions. I still believe everyones body is designed differently and therefore what works for one may not work for someone else. I did not have trouble stopping the patch after I did 2 more weeks of 14mg and about 2 weeks of the 7mg.  I still have craves, but the patches help me to build quit muscles and buy time to get my head full of info and distractions, so I can better deal with the craves. Im 62 days quit now. I hope you are doing well.  Thanks for checking with me.  This forum helped me quit and continues to support me, to protect my quit. And everything Marilyn said. Love her peace key.

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From: Paula266


Me too. I haven't got to use the word yet. But Im going too. I know people who get paid fortnightly. Lol. I will use it on one of them. It will be intetesting as I can say not only did I quit smoking, I've learned alot of new things and even discovered alot of stuff about myself, that I didn't notice before.   I can't post my 2 stars right now the emoji thingy is not working for me. So.  STAR STAR.        NOPE for me.


From: lizwilfred



Just having a mooch round the forum! 

Bloody good to see you back! Missed being miffed at your weather!

Stay close and let me know how you’re getting on. 

Liz x

DJ (gable99)

From: DJ (gable99)


I have faith in you Anthony.  I am 65 and smoked for about 50 years.  I choose to not do the patches or pills, just cold turkey.  Got rid of ashtrays, lighters in the house and car.

November  2014 my mom died an I had a TIA two weeks later (very mild one) but I knew what it was from caring for her.  I was the sole caregiver so I just chalked the TIA up to stress.  Stopped smoking for about 3 months.  Then just one puff.  Then one whole one.  Then another.  In about two weeks I was back to smoking a pack a day again. 

Thank the Lord I have not had another health scare, its just time.  Who is going to care for my dog if I am not here?  Mr. Bones and I (my dog) we have a lot of fun.  Kids out of house in other states, husband died so its just me and MB.

You can do this, just don't dwell on the slip up, aim for the SMOKE FREE future you will have!  God Bless!


From: Robin212


Allen Carr is great on audio also. Took me a while to get used to as I love to read but never LISTENED to a book lol.  Sounds like you are more determined about this quit than ever before. Read and post like a madman. Yes, agreed, there are great articles here. I never knew there was so much to know about quitting!! This forum is literally saving my life.



From: LarryInTenn


Hi, Jules.  Have you tried the cinnamon sticks?  I never used them but then I never ran up and down stairs.  lol  There are a few in the January group that really go on about how big a help they are.  Congrats on your quit



From: Wuffie34


Glad to see you are giving it another go!! I remember you from the August group (i failed miserably that month and wound up in the September group) It's tough and i admire your perseverance to try again!! This time you're gonna make it!!! I thought I'd start popping into the new groups and i saw you here. It's tough no doubt, but you and everyone here are going to get through it!!

Hi Marilyn,

Australia and New Zealand are fascinating places to tour if not just for the scenery. Like you say another day down I'm into my third day, I am so busy.

But it's better than sitting around smoking

Try Try Try

That's my motto

Kind regards


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