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March 2019 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 1/28/19 by Terry (abquitsmking); 188956 views.

From: LarryInTenn


Hi, Jules.  Have you tried the cinnamon sticks?  I never used them but then I never ran up and down stairs.  lol  There are a few in the January group that really go on about how big a help they are.  Congrats on your quit



From: Wuffie34


Glad to see you are giving it another go!! I remember you from the August group (i failed miserably that month and wound up in the September group) It's tough and i admire your perseverance to try again!! This time you're gonna make it!!! I thought I'd start popping into the new groups and i saw you here. It's tough no doubt, but you and everyone here are going to get through it!!

Hi Marilyn,

Australia and New Zealand are fascinating places to tour if not just for the scenery. Like you say another day down I'm into my third day, I am so busy.

But it's better than sitting around smoking

Try Try Try

That's my motto

Kind regards


Two days, 20 hours, 55 minutes and 9 seconds. 86 cigarettes not smoked, saving $85.93.


From: Drena2044


Hey Anthony, nice to see you back, I always think of you and how you keep fighting. I too am trying again. You hang in there and we can do this together. I’m in the January Braveheart group come and visit us, we are a crazy bunch. 

Good luck 


From: Drena2044


Nice key Marilyn, you got it posted. Congratulations again. 

Hi Liz,

Yes I thought I'd drop in again and annoy you all 

I have been smoking on and off again, have run out of Champix so trying cold turkey.. something different

You must have a few months under your belt now...well done

Where do you hang out the most?

Good luck with your quit

Kind regards



From: MamaJune84


I like it!!!! 

Hello, I was just scrolling through reading new posts. I am from the January Bravehearts group, quit Jan. 6th. I have had my highs and lows, here lately more lows, but I am getting through it. Good luck to you in your quit, you can do it just put your mind to it and keep NOPE-ing!!! relaxed

DAY 58

Hi Robin,

It's a struggle cold turkey but I want all the nicotine out of my system and my little quit aid tells me there is no nicotine in my body now.

I can't put Allan down a great book, saved my skin.

must go

Kind regards


Hi Drena,

Thanks I might just do that, you have a month or two behind you then, well done I am in my third day doing it cold turkey this time

Take care, good luck with your quit, see you

Kind regards


Thanks Wuffie

Thanks for remembering me, yes I'm back again battling the demon, something got to stick after all these quit attempts

Thanks for the vote of confidence

Good luck on your journey to freedom

Kind regards