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June 2019 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 1/28/19 by Terry (abquitsmking); 60520 views.

From: DaleAnn


Everyone quit is different and we chose the method we can live with and be successful.  By all means do not set yourself up for failure if you're smoking 40 a day. NRT is probably the way you should go so you can manage the withdrawals.  I used nicotine gum the first month I quit, others require a combination of aids; Zyban/Chantix; nicotine patches, etc. What saved me during withdrawals was I kept in touch and reading everyone's posts close to my quit date. "I was not alone" participating in this Forum knowing others were along side of me pacing and cringing with me. Also it was motivating to hear from others who were a little ahead of me and successfully maintaining their quit. 


From: gilturgeon


I need the weight gain! Nicotine and caffeine was/is a very potent stimulant for me, which effected my appetite to the point that I would just eat once a day , usually just before bed... total make-over for me on this d-day.. fully aware of the dangers of over doing it and will be continuously be monitoring myself and approaching issues with new tools I have gathered here and other resources.. 

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From: gilturgeon


Thanks Owen, best of luck and focus.. I am of French decent and my full quit day (today) coincidentally is D-day! I’m going into battle to defend my freedom of choice and health. I wished the social stigma of smoking was in better force here in NC , in San Luis Obispo California where my formative years where spent, if you were smoking on the Main Street, people would tell to your face that you were taking away their right to clean air, and as a smoker, I agreed 100%!  I was always considerate in that regard, I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with cigarettes, I’m at the point now, the love is shameful and the hate is debilitating.. like everyone else, I have other negative issues in the works and there will never be that  “best” moment to quit. So I’m prioritizing this effort over everything else, I may disappoint some people in the process,  but I know the benefits will hugely outweigh the missteps.. again, my major concern is anger. I’m not usually patient with the WWW lol but I’m getting a lot of useful info... thank you!


From: gilturgeon


Thanks for the suggestion DaleAnn.. I’ve tried several times at attacking this monkey by means of NRT but would always end up smoking along side..my Doctor is addicted to the gum! I seen him pop one and asked him about it and was told flat out, he chews a whole package of the gum a day! He has been quit on smoke for a couple years I think, he justifies the more harmful nature of the smoke rather than the nicotine itself... whatever, I know it won’t work for me, I’ve tried, we’re all deferent, thank god.... the 2 pack -a-day dynamic is relatively a new stat for me, it’s not until I moved here to NC with very liberal views on smoking did I become a locomotive... This is day one. If I start to get out of control I’ll definitely get some help by other means than will power and prayer... I can’t emotionally take the recent rapid health decline and the command this drug and lifestyle has taken over me... I want my best me back.


From: AsadAKhan


Thanks for answering all my questions. Yes I am worried and as per my wife I am very anxious person (I feel it at sometimes as well smiley). Before quit I was anxious about how I will go through withdrawals and after 5-6 days of quit I got anxious and worried on how I will retain this quit as I don't want to go back to smoking again. For me it was 25 years of addiction of 1 pack a day since I was 16.

Despite of no nicotine in any form from last 78 days I am still not a very confident person. Although I should be confident now as I have said no to 1500+ cigarettes in these days. But I do have bad days like day 64 and 76 when I got extreme cravings and anxiety hit me badly with all those thoughts of why I am going through all this, I will never feel good etc etc. and depression state

I see lot of people mentioning 3 month or 4 month  point and lot of relief after it. Is it like 1 day you will be up and you will feel very good in comparison to before or it will be a gradual change as well? Like I do see improvement from 1st month into second but after that progress is very slow if there is any.


From: silverene102


Yay! I’m so happy that you decided to do this. It’s so much easier to fight in numbers rather than alone.

i totally understand what you mean as I’m originally  from south east Asia but to me, it didn’t matter the place, I still smoke the same amount anywhere. I loved to smoke, never really need others for it, smoke itself was my best friend. Now I realised that is pretty creepy lol 

One thing I’ve changed since my last attempt to quit was I never smoke after shower at night. I used to smoke late at night outside before sleep as well. I didn’t wanna smell like ashtray in bed and didn’t like the feeling morning after so I just decided no cigarettes before bed time.

It’s been a week since My quit day. I just feel hungry all the time. Even after dinner still hungry. I tried my hardest not to give in. So far so good. The only problem I have now is I keep buying stuffs online. I just spent my smoking time online buying whatever things. I feel like I deserved them. My partner said at least now you’re not burning your money away lol 

Please do keep me posted everyday. It would be nice to know that I’m not the only one. The others please do join in as well. 

Thank you !

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From: slowblumer


Hi June Ex-Smokers.

Keep your eyes on the prize and don't smoke.  Here are a few articles that may help.

How A Few Deep Breaths Can Stop Smoking Urges

Helping Friends And Family Understand How It Feels To Quit Smoking

By Terry Martin The following "letter" to family and friends was written by Richard, the nonsmoking husband of one of our forum members here at About.com Smoking Cessation. Through the experience of supporting his wife, Mary as she worked to quit smoking, Richard learned a lot about what it's like for an ex-smoker who is recovering from nicotine addiction. I Will Survive! - A Goodbye Letter To Smoking

Achieving the Mindset for Success

Here's Why You're Addicted to Nicotine


From: lori1531


Hi! I am just checking in with you to see how you are doing. It’s a big day for you! How appropriate it it’s also DDay. Congratulations on the best decision for your life. Gloria, a wonderful lady that’s in the Smokefree Warriors group approached quitting as if it’s a battle. She got us all mad and fired up that cigarettes hooked us! It’s a great mindset to have. We are on the battlefield. We have to do whatever it takes to not smoke again. I used Nicotine patches, Wellbutrin and nicotine gum occasionally. I ate candy like it was going out of style. For months I carried around a glass of ice cold water with a straw. When you get a strong craving, drink the water. When you get a craving, post here. We know how you feel! Read all of the articles here. Read the Allen Carr book or listen to it on YouTube. It was the single most important thing that changed my mindset about smoking. 

Good luck to you! You can do this! 


From: gilturgeon


Lol ... I replied back with another message and accidentally erased it.

From experience and reading others testimonials, replacing my smoking time for online shopping wouldn’t accomplish a thing, I have an addictive personality, period., and I would over do that as well .. I’m not judging nor suggesting anything, there needs to be a reward factor in this process and if you’re responsible, go for it!  We all need need rewarded for our efforts, otherwise, what’s the point?? 

Since I have is need for speed so-to-speak, I have to be very careful with my choices .. I’m going to join the gym in the next few days and totally revamp my fridge.. I’ve been blessed with athletic genes and I’m a bit apprehensive about going back to the gym however, just 8 yrs ago I was benching over 450lbs and now that nicotine and caffeine has whittled 40 lbs off my bones it’s going to be very humbling going back, but this time around I have a different reason about training...


From: gilturgeon


Thanks Lori for the tips, I certainly will lookup Carr on YouTube!

yeah the DDay coincidence is just that, coincidence.. but appropriate and I’ll never forget my quit date if I can manage a roll!!! 

Day 1 almost in the books!, I’m doing great! Thanks! I must admit it has been relatively easy, I have placed myself in a very safe position (my living room sofa lol) I have smoked my whole adult life, but never anywhere in the house. So temptations are at bay... the next few days are going to be challenging however, I have responsibilities that are going to place me in vulnerable positions.. but I’m armed with many strategies I’ve learned from different sources, including this one! Thanks y’all !...

The battlefield approaches are a great tool, I’m a male athlete with an ego that hard to satisfy by just participating, I go into games with a mindset of winning, no hits runs walks or errors - perfect game.. staying perfect in my quest of defeating nicotine and caffeine is a total possibility and I’m on the mound, armed and ready for battle and victory, I want bragging rights on this one! I’m not anticipating an easy win, I’ve loosely attempted a few times with wobbly success, the most days I’ve run together was the 2 weeks I spent in the hospital after a car wreck.. I thought I might have a chance then but .. hard to understand, I bought a pack just to have a couple as a reward for not getting nutty in the hospital , you know how long that celebration lasted haha 

I am not comfortable nor patient with the WWW but I must admit, I don’t think I’d be this focused without it..

The same way I went overboard with cigarettes and other mind-altering substances is the same way I’m going to make healthy habits work for me and perhaps be a positive example for others who are contemplating war....