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June 2019 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 1/28/19 by Terry (abquitsmking); 71495 views.
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From: slowblumer


Hi Anthony,

Welcome back.

I was on Bupropion for almost a year and I think it kept me from being totally undone in my quit.   Maybe your doctor can give a script for a similar medication.   Just a thought.

Several quit aids are available now that do not use nicotine as the active ingredient. The following therapies are given under a doctor's care only.

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From: slowblumer


 Hello Rj,

Welcome.  It may help you to list all your reasons for quitting smoking.  Before I quit I saw my doc and went on medication and I used a nicotine inhaler for several months.  Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things I ever did but the best thing too.  You can do this.

Tips to Beat the Mind Games When You Quit Smoking


From: overdoz


Hey Anthony looks like we are in the same boat. I totally didn't smoke yesterday, slept like i hadn't slept in weeks. Dont know if you remember i had bought myself a car as a present to myself for not smoking in January, a 1983 Oldsmobile Regency 98, w 44,000 original miles, its a blast.. just went and converted over the air conditioning and she blows cold, i walked to my mechanic and drove her back.

I find that the patches work the best for me, and also keeping busy.

Overdoz quit 06-11-2019

I was just the opposite, I watched the World series cricket on Tv last night, I fell asleep in the chair, woke up just as Australia bowled Pakistan out to win the game and have been up since 4 AM on this site mainly so we quit on the same day eh , I'm on Zyban and i'll just read and post, cant go anywhere because of my sore foot, never mind, hey thats so cool about the car, literally.

Kind regards


Thanks Marge,

The Bupropion is very good I have had only the faintest of cravings so far. If I can not get supplies then I will go back to the Doc. see what he suggests.

Kind regards



From: Owen0318


hello Anthony, glad to see you back, I guess I will be posting here on the June quitters page because the May one seems to have no activity, stay strong lets beat this addiction for good !    

Middle of the year everybody's on holidays Owen. Stay strong indeed, I must stay strong to beat this innocuous weed. 2 days almost up, looking forward to a good nights sleep tonight.

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Frank (Azriel57)

From: Frank (Azriel57)


Good morning!

How is everyone doing today? June is just about half way over, can you believe it?

Anyway I wanted to just say had a bit of a rough morning today. Woke up to that crazy insane morning smoke craving. Had what I thought was a panic attack, but now believe it was just a physical response to "needing" a cigarette. I went down let the dogs out and played a game on my phone while my body begged for a smoke. I made it, the start of day six for me. I don't get heavy cravings often but this morning was an exception.

I hope all of you are continuing to fight the good fight. I want to see us all celebrating our one month together and many others after that. I will tell you doing the daily NOPE pledge helps me to stay focused, if you aren't doing it, consider giving it a try.

Good luck to everyone getting through whatever day you are on!! YOU CAN DO IT (worse Rob Schneider impression).  :)


From: theboi123


Thanks for the welcome, Azriel and Marge, pleasure to meet you guys. 

Day 3 now and I have been getting a lot of splitting headaches, all part of the quitting process!

Ive been eating a hell lot of fruits too. Mostly apples and grapes, really helps a lot.