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July 2019 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 1/28/19 by Terry (abquitsmking); 99858 views.

From: Lofis


Wow junkie thinking right now. It's tough. I knew it was going to be tough . Oh come on just one hit one that joint. Ok no tobacco just smoke a weed joint. Brother sister and father smokes. NOPE


From: turtles


We can do this!!!!!!!


From: livtoswim



Hopping  on to this quit train with ya'll for the umpteenth time.    I chose July 4th because it's a date I will remember and If I reach 1 year-god willing- there will be fireworks!!  so here I go again.  Everyone says the first three days are the worst but for me it's day 4.  I see some old friends here so I am not alone. 

 Good luck everyone.   Here we go.  


From: kittymom413


Hi there, Deanne,

I'm glad you came back, sweetie. You know that we will always have your back no matter how many times you might slip. The most important thing is that you're here purple_heart

See you on the NOPE page,

Have a great smoke free day,

Kitty cat


From: overdoz


Welcome back. Yes I remember you posting in the past. I am on day 3, i biked yesterday to our beautiful lake here in Chicago, they have done such an excellent job keeping our lakefront as a park space.. miles and miles of it, and i a world that has so many rules, you can go swimming at many spots here without lifeguards which is awesome, at your own risk. Water was awesome. I would say 99.9 % of the people on the lake were not smoking, at least they weren't smoking cigarettes, lol. Its hard to quit and have a ton of stress on top of it in the beginning, I had slipped back in April and have tried quitting like 20 times since then. I believe its better on the no smoking side.

I think maybe one of the big reasons for my slip was not rewarding myself for being quit after January, up until then i was buying myself something, and then i stopped. So that may be a big reason., and junkie thinking

Hi Overdoz,

Had a social day today, went and visited my Dad and then went out to my step mothers family for lunch, quite pleasant, no thoughts of smoking.

Kind regards


Hi Turtles,

On Day 5 early days yet, do you drink water? I have been drinking quite a bit, it does take away the smoking urge I find, Hows the holiday, are you walking on the beach?

Kind regards


I couldn't imagine smoking weed, cigarettes are bad enough and I'm not going there, 

Breathing deep


Welcome aboard Deanne

Kind regards



From: turtles


I walk with the dog a lot...and I drink a lot of water..I keep water in freezer in jug I can squish, so it freezes a little and squish it so it has crushed ice in it. I use lemonade mix drops in it to flavor it, no calories.

tan is progressing nicely.  Really a vast difference in cravings from last month..it is getting better..late afternoon to early evening maybe one. Most times in day if thought appears no craving comes with it. It’s just the habit of it.

day 97

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