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July 2019 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 1/28/19 by Terry (abquitsmking); 86357 views.
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Terry (abquitsmking)

From: Terry (abquitsmking)


Hello and Welcome!

Congratulations on your efforts to quit smoking.  Whether you're researching ahead of your quit date or have already begun, the resources and camaraderie you'll find here will help you achieve long term success.   

Nicotine withdrawal is the first challenge you'll encounter, so read the article below to get an idea of what to expect and how to manage it.

Use this thread to share with others who are quitting this month, and explore the rest of the forum, too.  It helps!

Recovery doesn't happen overnight, but it definitely is within your grasp. Give yourself the benefit of time to heal from this addiction and you'll get there, just as surely as others have.  

You can do this.

Best, T.


From: overdoz


Thanks for posting that info, i like this modern look better i think, its easier but the other way is alright its very retro...

Joining you on this journey Overdoz, 

Anthony 1st July 2019


From: overdoz


Yeah great, its been like 2.5 months since my slip or i would be soon celebrating like 9 months. 

Good thing is i have tried quitting like 20X, lol. I make it 3 days or even a week, then my guard goes down. Im not gonna lie, its been hard today i have been tempted to buy a pack a couple times, its the fourth of july eve here in the states, big celebrations. Hope i can make it, but a few quits that i have had have started on a Wednesday, i know most people say start on a Monday, new week, fresh start. 

I know you have had many attempts as well, hope everything else is good with you.

My longest quit is 47 days I did back in October last year, since then i have been hopping on and off this merry go round, no good! Will see if I can last all of July for starters, at just one day at a time. Yes it's been about 20 quits since October, then up to now. Just have to maintain the rage against cigarettes, they are Killers! Cigarettes lull you into a false sense of security that's what I have found after you have been quit for  few days, then its  a knowing glance at a pack of cigarettes, tat fuels a desire, then a thought I'll just have one, you resist, then before you know it your smoking again, Urgh!!! Maintain the Rage.

Kind regards

Anthony 1/07/2019


From: overdoz


Yes there is plenty of junkie thinking of having just one. I made it yesterday, it wasn't easy.. today a full 36 hours after last cig, feels more manageable. I lost my quit in the Spring this year going from Winter to Spring triggered me to smoke this happened around April 21, since  then i have tried to quit 20 times. Looking back the past 2 months i have probably been quit half that time as well, just want to stop it for a longer stretch than a week..


From: turtles


Oh my gosh, I pray I can stick this landing. At 95 days...still every late afternoon and evening I’m grinding through the just one angst. And today it didn’t even wait for afternoon, struggled at 10 am