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October 2019 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 1/28/19 by Terry (abquitsmking); 57326 views.

From: mars123


Thanks Brenda, timely support if you only knew! 

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From: slowblumer


Hi October Ex- Smokers,

As hard as quitting is, if given a chance your body has tremendous ability to heal.  You are winning a battle for your life against a powerful substance.

"Nicotine is among the most toxic of all poisons and is highly addictive".


From: MarkOU812


Day and a half into quit. 39 years, $121,000, & some 23 miles of cigs. All but 15 years of my life. Thinken it may take awhile to unweave it from the fabric of my life. Using the patch to kick things off. So far the best advice I read here is "your not giving up cigs, your getting rid of them" . I am not giving up anything, I'm gaining everything. 


From: June2019


Welcome! And congrats on resolving to make smokes a thing of the past and getting through day 1.  You're right - this habit is interwoven into many of our daily habits & coping habits. It will take time to relearn healthy & constructive responses, just gotta keep taking it 1 day, 1 craving at a time.  The mods here always find the right articles & links to post in response to questions - that's what i found, anyway.  There's a lot of history here to read through.

Stay strong in your decision.

Brenda (1sept19)

From: Brenda (1sept19)


MarkOU812 said:

I am not giving up anything, I'm gaining everything. 

There you go.  That attitude and one day at a time will get you to other side, which is freedom.  Make yourself at home and read everything you can.  You can do this !


From: DanJF3


I’m happy to have found this chat!  I’m about to start on what I hope to be a long term (and permanent) quit this time.  I bought what I intend to be my last pack today and once I am through it, that's it!  It’s comforting to see that I am not alone in getting anxious about the idea of quitting and having some self-doubt as I attempt to make this long-lasting positive change.

In the past I have had a couple multi-year quits and even in the past year got up to about 3 weeks twice.  The physical withdrawal isn’t typically a huge issue (although at times I definitely feel it) but after time I just miss it and end up lighting up.  I’m starting to get to that point where I am getting more angry with doing this rather than resigned to keep smoking and actually I haven’t even been enjoying the taste much at all recently so hopefully that is a sign that now is the time.  Also went to the gym today and had a nearly smoke free day and feel pretty good right now.  

I wish the best to all you out there fighting the battle and I look forward to keeping this chat close as I turn the page on smoking.


From: June2019


Greetings DanJF3 - and welcome to the forum. Thanks for mentioning how the taste starts to get disagreeable - you should write that in your quit journal! Wish there was a way to box up the nasty aftertaste to remind us of the bad when cravings kick in.  Also, morning mouth is much better once you get off the smokes.

Get your quitin' tool box stocked up and ready for your forever quit

June2019(puff free since 6/7/19)


From: jupiter58


I haven’t back for a bit. Today was 1 week for me. Yes, I am going cold turkey. I cut back and used lozenges for a bit but I did not count my quit officially started untili stopped all nicotine. How are you doing? I hope you are winning the battle. The only way to stop smoking is to never take another puff. Have you been doing your daily pledge?

From: jupiter58


Thank you evilla! I did make a week this morning!!!!

From: Auggielou


ModMarge (slowblumer) said:

As ModLisa says: "When in doubt go to sleep". 

As ModLisa says: "When in doubt go to sleep". ... Love this one!!! I think that's the only way I  can make it through the first 3 days. Thanks for all the great info!! All great ideas. Quitting tomorrow for sure.