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October 2019 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 1/28/19 by Terry (abquitsmking); 54090 views.

From: alexisfree


mars123 said:

Confession: I’ve let my 2 quit smoking apps run on for months at a time, checking out the stats...as an imposter.

Hey Mars, 

Welcome to the team!  I totally did this too!  LOL!!  I can't believe what a great hold this addiction has on us.  It's like the real us wants freedom so bad, but the addict us just does weird stuff!  I'm super glad you're here.  Its a great place to be. :)


From: MichaelaOana


I did it too. But it made me think good of the amount of money I was spending.


From: alexisfree


LOL!  That's a good thought!  Yeah, its amazing how much we're saving.  I never thought about it before, but my family is in a better place financially now that I'm smoke free.  All the blessings...


From: jupiter58



Congrats on making it so far! Hope fully the trip in the mountains will get you well
Down the road on your quit!

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ModMarge (slowblumer)

From: ModMarge (slowblumer)


Anybody having trouble sleeping since you quit smoking?  It is very common to have problems sleeping in the beginning as an ex-smoker.   Check out the sleep music available on U Tube.  It helped keep me together the first awful months.  There is even an 8 hr one that i loved.  I played it every night for 4 months before I no longer need it.

sleep music - Yahoo Video Search Results


From: Gemma86


Well done.... my quit day is today and you have made me think I can do this! 

Brenda (1sept19)

From: Brenda (1sept19)


You can, Gemma.  Believe in yourself and you can do anything.  Take it one day at a time.


From: BlueDahlia29


Hi Gemma, I'm with the October group from last October. Just popping by to see how today's going for you. It's not easy in the beginning but stick with it it will get easier as your days add up.  Wishing you the best.



From: Gemma86


Thank you Blue,

So kind of you to message. Yesterday didn’t go so well but I’m feeling stronger today I have to beat this this time! I just found out I’m pregnant which is what made me pick my quit date so quickly and I guess my hormones are making me extra emotional . I’m going to try and read loads today to educate myself about this addiction. I have been a heavy smoker since a very young age that has now been over 20 years. Just saying that makes me cringe about what I have put my body through and now it simply has to stop.

you have done so well I bet you feel amazing a while year smoke free, well done