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October 2019 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 1/28/19 by Terry (abquitsmking); 109736 views.

From: MarkOU812


The miles were over 4 days


From: 48yrsmokin


Hello Debbie  This is 48yrs.smokin   Well i'm starting in this forum not knowing what and where to do things. Guess I'll start bye saying that I'm on my 9th day of the rest of my life being smoke free. 1st time not smokin in many years. I'm 61 had a health scare from the Doc laying it out on the table. With no bluntness about it told me Keep smokin and I'll see you again in here on short order or I Maybe not cuase you will not see any 1 6 ft. under. Took that with my 3yr, old grandson to get me in the mood. So threw smoking cessation classes at local hospital and Your forums that I found and read alot I am on the road to being smoke free. What to do with this now? I'll ppush some buttons and hope it goes to the right places. I'm not computer frendly and it's the joke that nobuddy lets me near there electronics cause I always mess them up!!!!!!!!!


From: slowblumer


Hi 48yrs,

Welcome.  you pushed the right buttons and posted.  What to do now is stay around , read every article you can and make yourself comfortable in the October Ex-Smokers group.   I smoked almost as long as you and this wonderful forum helped me quit and stay quit.  You can surely so this with the support you will find here.

You will get used to getting around here in no time.

Note: if you can review the entire October thread - lot of good information.

Best wishes

Awesome decision! I quit after smoking over 44 years.  When my grandson was born and I did not want him to have a single ugly memory of me puffing away on a cigarette as it looks so gross! Just keep getting through today - one day at a time - let the days pile up and by the 4th month your quit mindset and behaviors get established as some nicotine receptors have shut down.  By the end of a year only 6% of those receptors remain but by the end of year two we have an 80% chance of remaining quit for life as long as we never fall for the Just One thinking. So stay stubborn and determined in your resolve to end your addiction.

This is a very emotional addiction and your moods will be all over the place for quite a while. Stay angry at cigarettes for doing this to you as all the horrible withdrawal stuff is because of them. Try to not take your blue moods or angry moods out on those around you. Get moving by jogging/walking, do lots of deep breathing when you get outside, rinse your mouth out with mouthwash several times a day as it feels great to know your breath is fresh.

Staying busy and distracted helps with the never ending thoughts of smoking is very important. Wash everything where you used to smoke as the brown stinky tar coated everything including your lungs. When we see what cigarettes do to our house just imagine what it does to delicate lung tissue and our entire body. As a gross experiment, I put a pile of used cigarette butts into a clear glass jar added a little water and closed the lid I put this in my garage where I always smoked.  When I got a craving, I took a good whiff - it was so gross and that helped me get through those wicked cravings in the beginning months. We just don't realize that we are Drug Addicts just like people addicted to alcohol or hard core drugs. We start to see it when our brain is wanting that fix as we get all anxious and shaky to quickly puff away -drug addict. But, our brain will rewire and fix everything with time. I hated the stink and I had several heart attack scares before I decided enough was enough. I kept the thought pattern of 'I'm So Done With Smoking'! I will never ever shove another cigarette into my mouth because of that nicotine monster voice screaming at me because -- It's A Trap! Tell him to aahh shut up! every time he screams at you. Plus don't fall for the quiet seductive voice that tries to tell you it's ok you deserve just one. 

Protect your quit like you would a tiny baby or a tiny puppy and don't let anything or anyone sabotage your quit. Read everything on this forum and read Allen Carr's book The Easy Way to Quit Smoking as its not easy but he helps get you into the quit mindset and his many great one liners kept running through my mind as the months went by. I must have read his book a dozen times. Also, the Whyquit.com site has great info too. Also YouTube has many videos on quitting. This forum is number 1 because we all support each other and the pay it forward behavior helps all of us. Remember - An educated quit is a successful quit. 

I wish you the very best of luck and be proud of yourself each and every time you get through another crave because you are weakening that nicotine monster. Quitting smoking is a monumental acheivment and we all deserve the freedom!! 

"Quitting isn't for Sissies!" I quit poisoning myself Sept. 27, 2013


From: QuitRunner


Ya I figured. Otherwise you’d be doing ultras. Still a massive accomplishment! Starting day 3 strong and packed my gym stuff for the first time in a long time. All good. 


From: 48yrsmokin


Thankyou all for the encouragement This time seems completely different than any other time of quiting I say NOPE to all the cravings and they seem to go away quickly. I know its early in the daily battle and every day it's something different trying the new way to get into my head. "Go ahead have 1 Stop bye the people you used to hang around smoking they will give a smoke." I say NOPE and walk on. So far what I have read in your little articles is very helpful and I am looking forward. to reading more for the encouragement. Ed

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From: slowblumer


Hi October Ex-Smokers,

Most ex-smokers have certain things that helped them through the rough patches.  These were mine.  I bet everyone else has things that they can share to help each other.

                                                                 My Favorite Craving Busters    

The morning is a good time to battle the brain’s messages with truth.  Tell yourself you feel this way because of nicotine addiction and that you are going to beat it.  Keep telling yourself you can do this and that you will get your freedom. Say it out loud every day to yourself.

As soon as you feel the crave come on, distract yourself immediately, do something else. If you are healthy, exercise, walk or do aerobics. When you feel like you are going to bust, climb up and down the steps or just get up and walk and walk. If I had to do it again, I would get a punching bagJ

Keep redirecting your mind to the truth about nicotine and cigarettes.  Remind yourself that cigarettes were killing you slowly.  Remember, how long nicotine addiction controlled you. It controlled me over 40 years.

Drink as much ice water as possible.  When cravings are very bad, drink the whole glass down.

Sit in an upright chair and take 5-10 slow deep breaths.  It calms down that panicky feeling.

Come to the forum and read. Try to support someone that is struggling.  It will help you at the same time.

Pledge not to smoke at the beginning of every day.

Read as many articles in the library as possible. You need to know your enemy to defeat it. Get educated on nicotine addiction and the tools to get through the rough times. You can actively overcome self-defeating thoughts.  I learned that here.

Keeping a journal will help you cope.  Write down your feelings.  Write down all phrases or posts that inspire you along the journey.  Go back and reread when you feel like you are in a fog.  You will see the progress you are making right before your eyes.

Find yourself a little hobby you can go to when you don’t know what to do with yourself and want to focus on something.  I put together Legos of all sizes for 6 months. It helped enormously.  A friend of mine bought large jigsaw puzzles and worked on it a little every day. One buddy loved adult coloring books.

If you are not sleeping well, check out the meditative music on U tube. Some of them are 8 hours long and very relaxing.

Put on some favorite, loud music and sing at the top of your lungs. 

Find things that make you laugh.  It releases pent up emotions and good chemicals in our bodies.

Don’t be afraid to have a good cry.  That does the same thing.

Let the junkie thoughts go by like a movie, try not to let them bother you.  They are just thoughts.

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From: MarkOU812


Well that was quite the test. Checked into a hotel, went across the street to a casino for there buffet. It was really good. Didn't notice it much walking in, but coming out it was busier and full of smoke. I couldn't believe how strong the smell was. It stunk but at the same time kinda liked it. Made for the exit post haste. Tip avoid casinos.




From: 48yrsmokin


Boy I thought for the first time in A long time that this was going to be different kind of quit. Seemed like things were alot difernet and easier than ever before. Up too yesterday (day 9) then WHAM the erges came on like gang busters all ganging up on me 1 after another all day long. It was a rough one and was a fight. Feal like "Rocky" at the top of the steps I conquered the day. Feelin strong now. So here I am sitting wondering what the day will bring. It's ND football tonight at the freinds guess what there smokers. Then it hits me that I shouldn't wonder about the day!!! Just at this moment in time Cause get thru 1 at a time!!!!

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From: 48yrsmokin


Does anyone know about how the lungs are suppose to feel over time? My lungs feel really heavy I'm coughing some times but not really alot. Seeems like they get heavier everyday-I know it's only day 9 without smokin but I thought it was suppose to get better not Worse.