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October 2019 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 1/28/19 by Terry (abquitsmking); 70331 views.

From: PrepsEtc


Thank you very much


From: leighmomof2


Hi and welcome to the forum! My name is Leigh, nice to meet you blush  I know how hard it is to pick a date to quit. I used to pick days way in advance and then when that date came I would postpone it for some lame reason (stress at work, big sports playoff game that would involve drinking etc... always something)… My best advice, just stop. Just don't smoke for the rest of the day.. if you want to smoke tomorrow... you may find that tomorrow you want to extend the streak until Wed...  just try not to smoke. It does not have to be forever, just don't smoke now.   You will soon learn that you can live without smoking. Actually, you live better. Fact is, you will live your best life as an ex-smoker. Be your best, Prepsetc.. don't smoke today!   P.S. - I quit somewhere around 265 days ago.. it can be done! Good luck!


From: PrepsEtc


Thank you for the reply. I have a hypnotherapist coming tomorrow to teach me some tools to use, plus I just ran into this course a Facebook friend sent me to check out.




From: lindnog


Hi there and welcome to this amazing forum.  I have had a few quits, one which lasted for 3 years, but I smoked “just one cigarette “ and it took me another couple of years to get myself back into the right mindset. I am now in my second month smoke free  

My method of stopping smoking is that I read Allen Carr’s Easyway book and everything he writes I agree 100% with. I definitely recommend this method to everyone. 



From: PrepsEtc


Yes, I just today found his method through  friend on Facebook. Thanks


From: lindnog


Good luck & happy reading 


From: FairyCake369



i just quit 30 minutes ago. So I am a bit nervous but I know I can do it. Good luck Julian - hopefully we can support each other


From: ModAndrea


Welcome to the forum, Fairy Cake! Congratulations on your decision to quit smoking!I 

My best advice is to read everything you can on this addiction and the quitting process. The more you know, the greater your chances are for success. A great resource is our Quit Smoking Library. Scroll down to this folder in the column on the left under DISCUSSIONS.

You'll find two additional folders, Dots and Stars Milestones and One Year and Beyond Milestones. These are posts from forum members celebrating reaching milestones in their quits. They offer tremendous inspiration.

Take this one day at a time and post often.



You can do this Fairy Cake! I'm glad you're here. blush


From: juliannsc63


Hi FairyCake,

Yes you can do it!  It has been really hard but I have been using 2 mg nicotine cinnamon gum to get me through the moments that I am really craving.  I keep thinking of the day when I won't think about it at all and will be free of it - and be healthy and happier.  I almost can't remember when I didn't smoke... but I want to make new memories of being free and clean and smell nice all the time. I don't want to need a ventilator someday, and suffer with breathing... The hardest is when I get frustrated with my son when helping with his homework or get stressed with work!  Then I stomp around a bit, chew gum, and breathe deeply 5 times.  We can do this - we can do it together.  I am done with being a closet smoker, killing myself!   heartpulse


From: Wayne1957


Hello fellow addicts.  I guess I'm on the October train.  I've been smoking for more than 50 years.  And I've been a stone cold chain smoker, whenever circumstances would permit, for most of those 50 years.  Four packs a day was my usual dosage.

I started lurking here about 3 days ago, with no particular quit date in mind, using a chef's timer to try to insert 12 minutes of no-smoke time in between cigarettes, with the intention of adding another minute between smokes each day.

A post on the WhyQuit.com site convinced me that cutting down, rather than quitting cold-turkey, was doomed to fail eventually, and was nothing more than a program of self torture for however long it takes me to fail.

That realization was yesterday, about noon time, after about 4 morning smokes.  So I've been smoke-free for about 34 hours now.  

This all seems doable, so far.  But, correct me if I'm wrong, the "withdrawal fun" doesn't really start until after detox (about 72 hours).  So I'm kind of terrified about hitting that milestone.  At any rate, I'm on the train now; more terrified of letting go of the train than to keep hanging on, so I'm hanging on tight.

Best regards to all of you.

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