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October 2019 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 1/28/19 by Terry (abquitsmking); 89564 views.
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Lynn (Tx38special)

From: Lynn (Tx38special)


Good morning October quitters, 

I'm Lynn and I am here once again to attempt at yet another quit. I did quit once before and it lasted 2 and a half years. And I let a very bad fight with my daughter be the reason to pick up the smokes again. That was in 2011 and by 2015 or 16 (I don't quite remember) to try and stop smoking and I have failed over and over! 

Well August 26th if this year I had a gastric bypass done from a gastric sleeve. And two Sundays ago I went to the ER with stomach pain and having nausea every time I ate. Long story short,  I was told that my smoking can or has caused an ulcer in my little pouch and it will get much, much more worse and I will end up with emergency surgery, with me being in the hospital for a month and a feeding tube put in for a year, if I don't stop smoking now!! 

So once again, I bought another box of nicotine patches. And I'm not allowed to eat raw vegetables  or fruits with the type of surgery I had. Or any fruits with skin on them, like the grapes. ‍?? I don't know what else I can snack on when a craving hits. I can't do anything that has cinnamon on it, cause that sets my mouth on fire!

I originally planned on yesterday being my start date, but I put it off til today. I have 3 cigarettes left in my pack. Once they are gone, then the patch comes on. And I am taking the advice from another member of this form who said she gave herself 3 cigarettes for the day and then she put on the patch and to my knowledge she has been smoke free ever since. I haven't kept up with her, so I don't know if she is still on here or not. If anyone knows of her or if she's still here, can you please send her a message and tell her Lynn was asking about her, she went by Sue P.

That's all I can remember. 

Anyhow, here I go again!! I appreciate everyone's support, thank you,  Lynn

Brenda (1sept19)

From: Brenda (1sept19)


Hi Lynn,

  I remember you from my previous quit attempts and I am back again to finally kick this addiction.  It is so true, you can never be a happy smoker again.  When I smoke, I am miserable.  Sorry to hear of all your illnesses but maybe it will be what will help you quit.  I am looking at this quit much different this time, as something I am getting rid of instead of giving up.  Just changing my mindset has made a world of difference, it has made this quit much more doable.  You are giving yourself the gift of life without addictions, they do nothing for you and getting rid of misery, slavery and sickness.  I wish you the best on this journey.  Good to have you back and tell yourself, " I can and will do this. "


From: Wayne1957


Lynn (Tx38special) said:

I'm not allowed to eat raw vegetables or fruits with the type of surgery I had. Or any fruits with skin on them, like the grapes. ‍?? I don't know what else I can snack on when a craving hits.

Welcome to the October train, Lynn.  We're all going to the same place.  I recommend Walgreens sugar free cough drops.  You can buy them by the bag (150 count), and they work great for me.  Not raw.  Not fruit.  Not vegetable.  The "skin" is a paper wrapper that is supposed to be removed before you pop one in your mouth.

Lynn (Tx38special)

From: Lynn (Tx38special)


Thank you Brenda for your support!! Have never thought of it as getting rid of something! I'll keep that thought in mind. I just bagged up me Juul device too and getting rid of it too. Doc says I can't vape either. Right now, I have a patch on and put out my last cigarette at 10:37 this morning, on the way to church. The entire Congregation prayed over myself and my husband for both of us to end this nasty habit once and for all. Of course he caved as soon as we walked out of church! He bought a box of patches for himself too, but has yet to put one on. Tells me he needs to quit smoking too, as he's lighting one up.

But this is my fight and I'm not going to let him drag me down! 

Have a blessed day! Thank you, Lynn

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From: slowblumer


Hi everyone,

Please check out this article.  It is a composite of many ex-smoker suggestions to help you with your quit. 




Hi lynn We have met before.  It is great that hubby is coming along with the quit this time.     I am also back for another  go.  Let's resolve to make

this one stick.......      see you around.

Aussie v


By the way smokes in my brand are $34 a packet..


From: 4quitness


Hi Lynn, and welcome! Please remember that smoking is an addiction not a habit. A habit is a problem like nail biting or picking one's nose. Nasty habits. Smoking is a terrible addiction akin to heroin addiction. Don't let anyone make it sound like it's an easy matter to get rid of. I had a pastor tell me one time that if I was 'right' with God I wouldn't be a smoker. How little did he know.

You can do this, lady! We are all here to help you. Btw- I carry a S&W .38 as my concealed weapon. :)


Killed the beast 7/9/19


From: glenninindy


I am a witness. I said a little prayer to God everyday, even with setbacks, to help me quit, and God made events unfold in my life, that literally forced a quit to happen, and I am beginning to feel better.  


From: Evillarreal2


Don't remember but I think you just quit a few days ago, correct? Like many of these websites say, make it a goal to get through the next 15 minutes. I hope you haven't given in. Don't. It will pass. I prefer the gum but try a lozenge. The first few days I also rolled up a napkin and puffed on it with my eyes closed and imagined the smoke. It was my body missing the actual physical activity of puffing smoke and not actual withdrawal. FIND A WAY. Ask your son how much he likes that you DON'T smell like cigarettes when you help him with his homework. I hope this helps.