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November 2019 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 1/28/19 by Terry (abquitsmking); 49615 views.
Brenda (1sept19)

From: Brenda (1sept19)


Welcome !  Did you just quit today  ?  


From: Newthomas


Ummm yes. Strange to say that. 

Brenda (1sept19)

From: Brenda (1sept19)


Good for you.  Take it one day at a time, read everything you can on this site and post often.  Stay busy, keep yourself distracted with other things and just don't smoke. You can do this. Drink lots of cold water and eat small meals to keep your body fueled. Avoid too much caffeine.  This is the best thing you can do for yourself, you are giving up nothing but getting rid of slavery, disease, smelling bad and expense.  Stay close to the forum, we are all here for you.


From: Denim50


Hey Newthomas, 

     Welcome and congratulations on your decision to quit. Please keep reading, posting, and joining in. Also, please read the post from Mod Marge, and mine to RochieRo, as same advice applies. I also see Brenda has stopped by to welcome you both also and offer support and advice. I’m sure others will too. We’re all happy to have you joining us here. Reach out anytime. I look forward to seeing you around the forum also.  

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From: Denim50


Hey November Ex-Smokers, 

     I see two of you here and have seen at least three others that have posted, but not found their way here yet. I hope you join in this thread soon too. I wish all of you the best with your new quits. We have a wonderful forum full of support and encouragement. We also have games to help distract us and a great quit smoking library, both toward the bottom of the menu. Please settle in, reach out and join in. The beginning is the hardest but it does get better further along. Until then, please take each day as it comes and stay in the moment. Looking too far ahead early on can sometimes cause added stress and anxiety that you don’t need when starting out. Take it day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute if necessary. You can do this. Will it be easy? No, but it will be worth it and it will get better. We’re all happy you’re here and are cheering you on. We all support each other, so stay close and stay strong. Wishing each of you the best toward your success. Post often and I look forward to seeing all of you around the forum. Have a great day.  






From: StaceyHare


Hi Richie,

Today is my quit date. So far 18 hours without a smoke. A lot of deep breaths and repeating to myself stay calm. How are you holding up?


From: Haajas75



I'm at day 15/16 so technically October quitter but didn't realize how join so I'm your partner now November 2019 quitters


From: MarkOU812


Hi all November buddies

I just hit my 4 weeks, can't say a month till the 13th. Great to have you here. 1 was a 2pk a day for the last 39 years. It isn't easy and we all have to go through this journey, But we don't have to do it alone. BTW you will find Denim AND Brenda are the best. Don't think I would be here without them. Only thing I would add is, if your using hard candy or gum is use sugar free. Read, read, reread, post, ask, and keep the faith. Oh yeah and just breath.

10/13/2019 I stopped poisoning myself 



From: Sugarbower86


Hello y'all. I actually started my smoking cessation program on October 27, 2019. Unfortunately on day 6 of the patch, I got overly stressed and found myself ripping off my patch & heading to gas station to buy a pack before heading to work that morning. Needless to say, I had bought 3 packs over the next 4 days. By Tues Nov 5th, I restarted my program. When I wake up here in about 6 hrs, I will put patch #8 on. I think i am doing better this time around. The #1 main reason I wanted to quit smoking is for my best friend's husband, who is 3 yrs older than me, had 3 major strokes within a week time. He too was a smoker. He has been smoke free for over 3 months but he is also in a nursing home facility, getting Rehab. 


From: RochieRo


Hey, congrats, I'm guessing you're onto day two now? 

Day 4 for me now, OK but feeling a lot of anxiety about all aspects of my life, seriously hoping that goes away

Hope you're staying strong!