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December 2019 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 1/28/19 by Terry (abquitsmking); 65183 views.

From: cherbearquit


I agree about the relaxing and easing up on things for now. Stress levels are high for everyone right now, but just like we say here in the forum, you are not alone in this. We can’t stress over what we cannot control. All we can do is protect our quit and our health the best we can. You are doing great! Stay strong and healthy!


From: Majomar


Thank you, you are right.

There are moments when pressure is so high and at the same time feeling of ultimate loneliness and being on my own becomes too painful and hard that I break and lose the will to live, just want... not to be anymore, like those "falls" when I first quit. It's not rational. Nothing is really like that. I am on my own physically, no one can come or be there to help, but I do have moral support, it's just... with my mother gone, it's like there is no one because she was everyone and everything...

 And sometimes, lately, it's too often, I take some sort of comfort in food, I feel guilty, because so many people are hungry right now, not just right now, but right now many lose their jobs and income overnight and have nothing to give to their children to eat. And then, my situation isn't great but I have enough food, enough to eat too much and I'm embarrassed. And that is how I lose my ability to relax... 

I'0m feeling a bit better today, I slept during the day because I couldn't sleep for the last two nights, and it's already a bit better.

Sleep is a natural way of healing your mind and body. 


From: DebraAnne60


Hi Majomar, ONE MORE DAY and I log 3 months.  woo hooo

I am so proud of me, it makes me want to dance. Honestly,

How are you doing, feeling a bit down I see - totally understandable.  It is so hard when you are alone and looking after a sick parent and now you cannot even go shopping or visit with friends except by e-mail or telephone.  

Eating is one of the great comforts we have in our generation.  We are very lucky to have so many great foods.  Don't feel guilty for doing what makes you feel good.  If you need to eat to get through this, then you eat girl.  When its all over, you will have to get out there and exercise so that will give you motivation to go out for walks.  Are you allowed to go out for walks?  We are allowed to go out for walks with people we live with but we must keep 6 feet away from everyone else.

Also, have you ever tried painting, or writing?  These are great hobbies to get into when you are safe inside your home.  How is your dad doing? Is he able to talk to you? 

I just love where you live.  That film you sent me was totally awesome.  Do you boat or fish?  Are there lots of farms where you are or are you in the heart of a city?  I look forward to hearing more about you and where you live so write back soon ok cause I want to hear from you.



From: cherbearquit


Monday of next week will be 4 months for me. The reason I mention this is that this “icky 3rd month” that we are in has been rough. I mistakenly thought that when you got to the 3rd month milestone the worst was over. That has not been the case for me. I have seen others post about this also. It is getting a little better with each passing week, but there is still a lot of stress related to this virus situation. This self distancing is also stressful and contributes to the loneliness and boredom. Don’t feel guilty about using food as a comfort right now. You have a lot on your plate right now with the current global situation, your quit and taking care of your Dad. You deserve a lot of credit for being such a caring, devoted daughter! I am sure that most of us are seeking comfort in various forms. At least you are not resorting to smoking. Remember NOPE! That is so important. This situation will pass and you will be stronger and will feel so good about how you conquered all of these negative events. So stay strong, hang in there and vent any time. You are not alone. We are all here with you!


From: SusanK1960


Hi Cher,

What a stupendous milestone you have reached! You have been free from nicotine for 122 days, which is 4 months, which is one-third of a year. I hope you will be blessed with a “peace” in your quit within the month.  You are winning!  


From: cherbearquit


Thanks Susan! It is definitely getting much easier for me. Surprisingly, despite all of the craziness in our world right now, I rarely have any thoughts or cravings. 


From: Eve1973


Way to go Cher,

Four months......you are doing fantastic! Have a celebration! If I could I would arrange a “honk” party for you! 

So just going to say HONK HONK!


From: cherbearquit


Thanks Eve! I celebrated by taking a walk. I am grateful to be free of the addiction!