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January Bravehearts 2019   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 1/31/19 by ModAndrea; 546878 views.

From: leighmomof2


Hello Bravehearts, just checking in to see how everyone is doing..  I am still chugging along! I hope everyone is doing well and still non smokers. I guess I'll stop by the September thread and give some motivation to the newly quit. It looks like they may have an active group.  Hope to see some of the Bravehearts around sometime!


From: sibby123


Hey Leigh

i messages everyone a week ago and heard crickets. Lol

i am glad you are chugging along, me too

8 months and a week

looking forward to the year market as I still don’t feel settled yet. I am happy to have quit. The body and mind are still adjusting to being a non smoker.

take care


From: spartanfan


I haven't checked in here for so long!  BUT yes, the cycles!  I thought I was going insane, gives me a lot of peace to again see this is normal and have someone put words to my feelings.

Hope you're doing well, Jean!


From: spartanfan


Hey Leigh!

we must be on the same wavelength--I haven't been posting (and bad me not reading much either) but something told me to stop in today so here I am.

Hit 10 months over the weekend...still feeling some cravings here and there, especially after meals.  I wonder when that will go away--that must have been one of my biggest associations.  Had some stressful moments this weekend and today (nothing big--car trouble, bus never picked Lilly up) and as I was driving home from the mechanic I saw someone smoking and realized through it all, I didn't once say "I need a cigarette"  This is HUGE for me.   You're not too far behind me on your journey, but I think in this first year, you really do see massive changes month to month.

What are you reading??  I finally read Where the Crawdads Sing over Labor Day weekend--well I read it in like 2 days,  haha it was AMAZING.  Reading Queen Bee by Dorothea Benton Frank now--one of my favorite authors, she passed away last week.  So sad this is the last new book of hers I'll ever read.



From: jean111


Thanks, Julie!  Yes, doing well at the moment.  The whole process really is nutty, isn't it?  Andrea once said, "I swear it takes a good sense of humor to quit smoking."  It's like taking your brain apart and then putting it back together piece by piece--lego castle style.  (Except the castle didn't take this long!)    

Congratulations on 10 months!  You've got this.  kissing_heart


From: Robin212


Hi Julie! Happy 10 months! Sounds like you are doing great! I hope you celebrated big.... you will soon be choosing  your key!!!


From: Robin212


Hello Bravehearts! Glad to hear so many of us are still going strong! I feel like I could never go back to that disgusting habit but I am staying vigilant and refuse to let complacency set in. 

New season... Ugh!!! I miss Summer already!


From: leighmomof2


Hi everyone! Me again grinning   Just want to check in again and let everyone know that today is my 8 month anniversary as a non smoker tada   I have read that some people have trouble in the 8-12 month so I am keeping my guard up and ready to fight any bad thoughts that enter my head. Everyday I am feeling stronger and more secure.  I truly believe that every aspect of my life has changed for the better since the day I decided to stop smoking. I am going to the gym more (swimming and yoga are my favs right now), cooking more, reading more (Julie- I am now reading The Gifted School by Bruce Holsinger and next in line is The Rumor by Elin Hildenbrand- I am patiently waiting for her new book to be released in October!) and believe it or not I have been socializing with the school moms more!    I hope to hear from everyone soon! I am really very proud of all of us Bravehearts who stuck with our quits and gained our freedom from that nasty habit. 


From: JMC802


CONGRATULATIONS!!! to everyone who had reached the next milestone.  Starting to think there will always a craving for a cigarette but will deal with each one when they hit. 

Hope everyone is doing well and had a great summer!!



From: alreadysick


Hey Julie,

A belated congratulations to you on reaching 10 mths. You gave me some valuable help in the first days and weeks of my quit. I am still plugging along at 10 wks. now. Thanks so much for your help!


Killed the beast 7/9/19