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Quitting Causing Depression   General Chit-Chat

Started 5/2/19 by missmypal; 14808 views.

From: Rassister


Hey Mary,  

i remember meeting you when you first started your quit.  Congratulations on 11 months smoke free!   I am 19 months Smoke free and I know how you are feeling.  So much better than the first day,first week and first year.   I have been away from the forum for awhile.  I rarely think of cigarettes anymore after 42 years quit!   It is a wonderful feeling.  I returned to the forum this past weekend and I am finding that I enjoy coming on here and seeing all of my fellow Nopers.  I hope you can see the clubhouse just down the road a bit!   Congratulations on tackling this addiction.  I hope to see you on here again very soon.  

All the best, 


From: Rassister


If you are on this forum you are never alone. I quit smoking after 42 years using this forum.  I have been smoke free for 19 months.  It is a miracle. I am finally free. However, I would never have succeeded without my fellow March 2018 Warriors and many others on this forum.   We did this together.  Stay on this forum.  You can do this!   Just never look back.   You do not want to redo that first day.  I wish you the best and hope to see you again soon.  I have been off the forum for awhile but I am going to try and get back on more often now.  Please keep reaching out.  Somebody will hopefully grab your hand and guide you to peace and freedom.  


From: l1717mary


Hi Rass

THings are good but still miss my friend but I hope he is gone for ever because I know I cant have him back he was slowly killing me.

Have been out shopping for my new KEY.

Well done 19 months  I am watching you get too 2 year mark.

This forum is amazing life is for living.



From: Rassister


Hey Mary,

it really makes me happy to see that you never gave up and you beat this.  The clubhouse is a great destination and truly a life changing accomplishment. What is your quit date?   


From: l1717mary


Good morning Rass

MY quit date is the 7-12 2018 by my quit meter I am into my 11 month. My quit meter will show me when I will be one year quit so when the time comes I will be checking every day cant wait to see it showing 12 months.

I still can't believe that I am nearly a year this quit just started off as one day then another day week weeks now it months.My  other quitsI was thinking about next day next month next year when all I needed to do was just stay in the moment hour, day week. month. As I sit here typing this I think about a cig but all it is a thought just have to let it go.

Mary 11 months


From: MollyClark


Yes, I fully agree with the author that only some tablets have a healing effect! To be honest, I experienced it myself. After several years of suffering from insomnia, I have already tried dozens of types of sleeping pills. Yes, some of them helped me, but only up to a certain moment, and then I become addictive. Then I tried the Amitriptyline pills, which the doctor advised me to take from this site worldpharm365.com. I thought it was just another dummy, but it really worked! I started to sleep soundly and didn't even increase the dose for about 2-3 months. After six months of taking these pills, I taught my body to fall asleep using a technique that I was prescribed by the doctor...


From: arlcruise


What helped me in this regard was recognizing smoking was a self created state of depression. Because of the need to re nicotine ourselves after crashing from an endless cycle of needing to feed ourselves. 

Meredith (GettinFree)

From: Meredith (GettinFree)


Missmypal, I'm glad I'm not alone, though you may be a forum ghost by now.
I wish anybody talked about how nicotine is an antidepressant and how the ONE THING you don't do with an antidepressant is abruptly stop taking it without medical supervision. I wish I had known the psychological shock would cost me my favorite pastime and my best friend and how the imminent threat of also losing husband and roof would break me. (Thankfully I still have both and they're a great support as I glue myself back together.) I wish anyone talked about how a year is just a convenient fiction and how that key's gonna feel pretty dang Pyrrhic when I still feel like this in a month and four days. I wish I had found this thread and the "Tricky 8-11 Months" about, ohsay, 10 months ago.
On the other hand, I shudder to think of a shiny-eyed, determined New Quitter coming upon this rant or others. So maybe it's for the best.

I know my brain and psyche will heal. I know I'll rebuild better, faster, stronger. I know this is my Path and what I need to learn.
And so far, it really, really sucks.


From: missmypal


Hi. I hear ya’ and feel ya’. It took me almost 18 months to climb out of depression, which I’m not sure was 100% related to quitting. But quitting and being without the chemical comfort of cigarettes definitely prolonged it. I didn’t come out of it in a snap. It was gradual, but I did come out of it. Still smoke free and feel pretty good about giving up smokes. No cravings, even if I have a drink. Or two. 
you WILL come out of this! You have to keep telling yourself that. Because it’s the truth. You are doing a good job, even if it doesn’t feel that way. You are going to be okay. Smoking won’t help now. But maybe talk to your doc about Rx anti-depressants. I take them. Hang in there and do only as much as you can.