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Seriously addicted to nicotine lozenges   Quit Aids

Started 10/19/19 by schmemily; 685 views.

From: Gwenivere5


I’ve been on the lozenges for over 10 months now.  I always mention it to my docs and they all say 'better than smoking'.   I struggle too with the fact I am not a smoker but still an addict (tho without nicotine we are always recovering addicts).  I wish I had some wisdom for you.  I’m using about 4 2mg lozenges a day plus half a 7mg patch.  The quit coaches told me we only get about 1 true mg from the lozenge.  

I’m quite torn on taking on another quit as life is very stressful right now.  I feel that makes a huge difference for success.  Reading your post sounds stressful.  Maybe some mental prep and more acceptance?  I’m certainly no expert.  But, you aren’t alone, maybe that helps some.


From: Belinda2019


Well done on your quit! That’s amazingly impressive!!

Have you thought about finding a candy or sweet substitute that is similar in taste / texture to the nico lozenge and cutting down gradually that way?




Hello.   I so identify. During one of my quits I used lozenges.  Did not need cigs as i used lozenges instead.  The result was i used so many I ended up in casualty with a massive panic attack.  

Sorry I have gone on----just hoping you will see lozenges are not a saviour (like I did).

You  are obviously determined to quit. I wish you only good vibes for your quit.

Aussie Viv

Quit 24 Aug 19