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15 days into the quit journey    Quit Support

Started 10/27/19 by nomoresmokes; 3457 views.

From: nomoresmokes


Hello everyone, I quit smoking 15 days ago and have been reading through this forum, it surely has helped so much in these early days.

I decided to create an account, say hi and also so I can post support to other fellow quitters.

This year I have managed to quit twice, once for 2 months and then another time for 3 months, but fell into the just 1 smoke trap.

Each time I have learnt lessons and feel stronger about this quit than ever before. I really don't want to go through the hell of this withdrawel again and want to make this quit stick. Atm have the brain fog, anxiety and tiredness. I was a pack a day smoker since 16 and an 32 now.

looking forward to going on this quit journey with others here!


From: slowblumer


Hi nomore,

Welcome. Good for you in quitting again.    The just one smoke trap has tricked  many of us so you are in good company.

Hope you will join the October quitters.  Some terrific folks there . 

A strong support group is one huge key to success.


From: turtles


I also fell to the just one after 3 months so on April 1 I quit intentionally with no help of any sort. I wanted to remember how difficult quitting was so the just one cigarette would not look attractive anymore.  Once I hit over 3 months it got much easier. Now I don’t even think about them 98% of the time.

hints...ice chip flavored water, sucking on sugar free hard candy, rereading all the quotes I amassed from people on here, the daily pledge

Brenda (1sept19)

From: Brenda (1sept19)


Welcome and congrats on 15 days free.  Take it one day at a time, post often and keep reading all you can on this addiction.  Look at only today, not behind you or in front of you, just today. Wishing you all the best.  


From: MarkOU812


Welcome aboard Nomoresmokes,

2 weeks today for me. This is my 1st quit in 39 years that lasted more then 24 hours. Last attempt was a couple decades ago. I had no idea how tough this would be. So glad I am here. A lot of info and support. Read read read.... post post post




From: JohnsonFu


Hi nomoresmokes, 

wow your timeline is exactly like me. Smoking around the same time and currently on the same. I am also trying to quit smoke now and I am currently on day 4. Had a slip few days back after 2 months smoke free

welcome and let’s kick the cigg butt.




Hello.     Congratulations on being 15 days in.    I am just 2 months, so it won't take you long to catch up to that.          Hope this forum can help you to have your forever quit.


quit 24/8/19


From: nomoresmokes


Hey Marge,

I will definitely join the October quit group, I'll take any support happily.  Thank you so much for the warm welcome and really do believe I've learnt my just 1 lesson the hard way I feel like this year I've been in withdrawel more than feeling the benefits of quitting so an very excited to break that barrier.


From: nomoresmokes


hey turtles,

let's do this together and push through the 1 more trickery the smokers brain tries to tempt us into. thanks for the post it's great to have the support in this forum :)


From: nomoresmokes


Thanks brenda your support is muchly appreciated