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Anyone else out there using the patch??   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started 11/2/19 by Jonny84; 2641 views.

From: MarkOU812


Hey Jonny

Think I'm going to run it out per instructions. 6 weeks, 2, and 1. I wore them at nite the 1st week (great dreams for me). Take it off about 9pm on about an hour after I'm up. Sometimes forget ends up 2-3 hours. I figure no need to rush, this is a process. Good luck, keep the faith.

10/13/2019 I stopped poisoning myself 



From: Jonny84


Good point - I guess I shouldn't rush it either

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


Not sure about generic ones.

Obviously a US brand, I can only go on what I have down here in Australia.


From: empacher


Hi Jonny, yes I was disappointed after coming off the patches as I found it hard.  I guess I didn’t realise I was addicted to the patches.  Anyway I am now off the patches and have 1/2 lozenge a day, I’m trying to keep to one.  I quit smoking in May and still I’ve started waking early in the mornings again.  Coming off the patches takes time so don’t rush and if you feel really bad go onto the low dose again.  I didn’t wear them at night as I couldn’t sleep because of the dreams.  I used the Nicolette day ones. 


From: Evillarreal2


Constipation onlygrimacing. Drink a lot of water. Eucalyptus tea works too. Other than that, I had mostly psychological symptoms, like having to do something with my hands now. Actual nicotine withdrawal was little and far between but REALLY strong. Like once or twice a day for 4-5 days. Irritability sometimes late in the evening but I was aware and able to control it mostly. Nothing a gum can't take care of.


From: Deluz


The patch is so helpful. For me it makes quitting relatively painless. Until the patch comes off. That is my hurdle. I am going to stay on it longer this time.


From: Jonny84


Thanks for the encouragement - it is better - but I feel like my life really sucks right now


From: baysedge


Haaa..   good to see your name again . Hope yoyr quit is going well


From: overdoz


It was good till the 3 week mark, then i slipped a bit but im back to not smoking. I just keep quitting.

On a positive note i went to my dentist today, it had been a year and did a cleaning, teeth look good, no cavities he said, keep up the good work.. He used to be a smoker himself.  the cleaning definitely went easier than other times when i smoked heavily. Smoking does a lot of damage to teeth and gums. 

Thanks for messaging me


From: baysedge


Hope you make it this time Overdoz -youve

come so close to a year 

cigarette free for most of the year is a good accomplishment .