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April 2020 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 12/3/19 by ModDee; 31210 views.

From: KalyaRed


Happy first month Eliza!!!!

Good job!! I'm on day 35! In about two hours I'll be on day 36! I haven't been on lately either! I actually forgot the day I was in!

I guess that's a good sign - it's mostly because both work and personal life have been demanding but also, if I really needed it I'd come ask for help! 

So yeah, we're doing it! 

I've started a workout program on my favourite fitness site too. I'm loving it! I haven't lost any weight but I also haven't put on too much weight - about 3 pounds in a month being totally locked inside seems a good deal. 

As Jeff says - guard your quit. This is a beautiful mantra to a beautiful journey. 

The first few weeks were hell for me too but it's soooo much better now. I'll have to remind myself of this when it gets worse again!

Cheers from Lisbon! 


From: DebraAnne60


A STAR IS BORN!!!  Congratulations Eliza - you made the 1st month of the rest of your non-smoking life.

Sparkly Sticker for iOS & Android | GIPHYWAY TO GO - YOU TOTALLY ROCK


From: Loreficent


There you are!

Wow!!!! A month! Woohoo!! Big congratulations to you Girl!! Go Eliza Go!


From: JerseyDee


Wow ... A month Eliza .. That is fantastic! .. Would attach a cool gif here but I am in my phone at work and can't figure out how to copy and paste gifs from phone.

You need to celebrate tonight! ... Get take out from your favorite restaurant and enjoy! ...

I remember being really excited when I hit the month marker .. Felt like a real accomplishment ..

You are doing this. You are winning! ...

As far as the tears .. Yup ... Did as well but haven't lately ... It is amazing what we go through as we detox from thr junk ... I truly do not believe that scientists even truly know exactly what it does to our minds .. What a cruel nightmare being addicted to that stuff truly is. Should be illegal.


From: SusanK1960


Getting to that first month is HUGE!  You should be so proud of yourself! Did you have a reward list made yet for each milestone you hit?  You should.


From: Elizaquits


Thank you! Yay to day 36!! 

I know what you mean about time - yesterday, today, and tomorrow are all that really matter anymore!

Would you mind sharing the workout site? I've been watching workout videos on tv/youtube but am always looking for a suggestion. Yes, 3 pounds being locked inside with food is not bad at all! Especially when you add quitting into the equation! It makes me think of this meme that said "PSA: every few days try your jeans on just to make sure they fit - yoga pants will have you believe all is well in the kingdom"   I laughed so hard - it's SO true! : )

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From: Elizaquits


Thank you SO much ladies!!  - I almost can't believe it is real and that I am doing it!! 

I also want to say thank you for being a part of this forum and my quit! I look forward to reading everyone's posts and always appreciate the insight and wisdom :)

I look forward to conquering the next steps together! 


From: KalyaRed


Hi Candrew! 

I'm sorry, I'm always late for the party and only read this today, but six months is brilliant!!! Congratulations!! I'm so glad you didn't waste it!! 

We'll get to one year! 


From: Elizaquits


Thanks :)

I can't find it now, but I read the post about the keys! Oh, man.. that must have been a super frustrating day!! You should be beyond proud that you didn't cave - that was a tempter for sure! Hopefully the rest of the week has been smooth for you! (Has it?? Please say yes! lol)

I also wanted to tell you.. after reading your posts about yoga.. I decided to try it! It is no joke! I tried a beginner video and saw this man fold himself into positions I could only hope of one day mimicking!  Luckily, I found a 30 day intro on youtube that teaches you from the beginning - I am currently on day 5. So far so good! Do you use a video to guide you or?

I hope you have a nice Friday night, the weather here today in NJ makes it perfect to stay in :)


From: KalyaRed


Oh Eliza... You just opened a bit of a pandora box here... I never shut up about this website. 

It's https://www.fitnessblender.com/

And they're amazing.

First of all they're normal people. So you don't get those people who look like they're going for a night out, you get real people working out, guiding you all the way through the exercises and occasionally complaining that they're having trouble finishing the workout. 

Second, you create your free account and then get to save favourites, edit your calendar, and filter workout videos by type (cardio, strength, pilates, low impact), by difficulty 1 to 5, by body focus (lower body, upper body, abs, total) so you can create your own routine not repeating the same muscle group so you don't get injured. Be warned - they are super sweet, hence addictive. But they're free and healthy so... 

And the best thing is they don't encourage you to focus on how you look but on how healthy you are and how strong you feel! 

Yeah 3 pounds is enough to bother me to be honest... but I'm about 1,70m (something like 5.7 in the imperial system) so I guess it's not too bad. It's always better than smoking, that's for sure!