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April 2020 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 12/3/19 by ModDee; 31213 views.
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From: Elizaquits


Thank you SO much ladies!!  - I almost can't believe it is real and that I am doing it!! 

I also want to say thank you for being a part of this forum and my quit! I look forward to reading everyone's posts and always appreciate the insight and wisdom :)

I look forward to conquering the next steps together! 


From: KalyaRed


Hi Candrew! 

I'm sorry, I'm always late for the party and only read this today, but six months is brilliant!!! Congratulations!! I'm so glad you didn't waste it!! 

We'll get to one year! 


From: Elizaquits


Thanks :)

I can't find it now, but I read the post about the keys! Oh, man.. that must have been a super frustrating day!! You should be beyond proud that you didn't cave - that was a tempter for sure! Hopefully the rest of the week has been smooth for you! (Has it?? Please say yes! lol)

I also wanted to tell you.. after reading your posts about yoga.. I decided to try it! It is no joke! I tried a beginner video and saw this man fold himself into positions I could only hope of one day mimicking!  Luckily, I found a 30 day intro on youtube that teaches you from the beginning - I am currently on day 5. So far so good! Do you use a video to guide you or?

I hope you have a nice Friday night, the weather here today in NJ makes it perfect to stay in :)


From: KalyaRed


Oh Eliza... You just opened a bit of a pandora box here... I never shut up about this website. 

It's https://www.fitnessblender.com/

And they're amazing.

First of all they're normal people. So you don't get those people who look like they're going for a night out, you get real people working out, guiding you all the way through the exercises and occasionally complaining that they're having trouble finishing the workout. 

Second, you create your free account and then get to save favourites, edit your calendar, and filter workout videos by type (cardio, strength, pilates, low impact), by difficulty 1 to 5, by body focus (lower body, upper body, abs, total) so you can create your own routine not repeating the same muscle group so you don't get injured. Be warned - they are super sweet, hence addictive. But they're free and healthy so... 

And the best thing is they don't encourage you to focus on how you look but on how healthy you are and how strong you feel! 

Yeah 3 pounds is enough to bother me to be honest... but I'm about 1,70m (something like 5.7 in the imperial system) so I guess it's not too bad. It's always better than smoking, that's for sure! 


From: candrew


KalyaRed -

Good to meet you. This forum is a wonderful place to help  us remain smoke-free. Lots of wisdom, lots of encouragement and lots of care. No worry about the time, we are on our own timetable, 

Oh by the way, I only had 54 weeks until I relapsed, not 6 months. Currently I have 14 day s without any major problems but of course I want a cigarette. I feel that I am so close to relapsing but something inside me says NO, NO, NO. You don't want to do that .

Good luck in your journey to a better life, 

 Andrew 4/25/20

CC to candrew

From: KalyaRed


Hi Andrew, 

Six months was my longest quit. I think you never lose until you give up. 

That prase someone here used "one is too much and a thousand never enough" is perfect. I use it a lot. Whenever I get a strong craving I say to myself, I'd smoke one and then what? Another, right? And then another. And none of them give me any satisfaction. All they do is pave the way for the next one. Until I get to the point where I'm already smoking but still light up because the previous cigarette wasn't working. 

You keep going. Don't give in to the cravings. You had them when you were a smoker too. You just didn't notice because lighting up eliminated the notion of wanting a cigarette. It didn't eliminate the stress - but now we were only irritated, not having a craving, we were just annoyed. 

It feels terrible to come down from a 54 week streak. But you can go back to being free. 



From: Elizaquits



I just found your message in my "did i really do that" thread... sorry about that!

Yes- hanging in there! How are you??

This week has been much easier compared to last week! I even had a minor meltdown over work and not once did I think about smoking! I'll admit, I had other irrational thoughts.. like "I just want to quit" "these people are so dumb" "I should become a whistle blower" and so on.. BUT I didn't think about smoking!! lol :)

I have also transitioned down to the 14mg patch! I remember you saying you could feel the difference.. you were not lying! I chewed 2 pieces of gum for the first day or two but then I got used to it I guess. I am looking forward to being done with the patches, I have sensitive skin and you can see where the patch was for a number of days after I take it off. I realize that is a small price to pay, I much prefer having weird squares all over my body and being a nonsmoker than being a smoker!  I am a little nervous about being done with them though - but I am trying not to think about that, I will cross that bridge when I get there. 

What is new and exciting with you? How did the shelves turn out?


From: Loreficent


Hey! Glad to hear from you!

Shelves are great! I gotta run here though so I’ll write later...I know I said that before about the patches and NRT, but didn’t. I promise I will though! I will say I’m going to stick with the patch a full 12 weeks. 


From: Elizaquits


Awesome - thanks for sharing! I am totally going to check it out -after not being able to go to the gym for the last 7+ weeks, I am running out of options!

I also like that you said they are real people - that makes all the difference! That and I LOVE free! lol ;) Do you have a favorite?

I get what you mean about the 3 pounds bothering you,  I am sure you will have it off in no time!  


From: KalyaRed


Yeah I'm a bit annoyed with the weight gain but then 3 pounds after a month and a half of not leaving my tiny apartment and then quitting smoking... It could definitely be worse! Plus I'm not listening too much to the voice that complains about the weight. It's deceptive. Sooner or later it will blame my quit. So I'll focus on being healthy and strong. 

I love all their workouts with the name "for people who get bored easily". That's me and they fly by! I did this one yesterday:


I'm going to do one of their pilates videos today and then maybe this one: 


It's a neighbour friendly video :) 

But you can filter by duration and try their shorter videos to see if you like them. 

Whether you prefer them or any other YouTube videos, please join me in falling in love with taking care of yourself! We deserve it! We've been abusing our bodies for a long time. :)