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April 2020 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 12/3/19 by ModDee; 29497 views.

From: JerseyDee


Hello Eliza -- I am sorry I am just seeing this post now and late in getting back to you.

I am glad I have inspired you to give yoga a try.  I have been doing it for about 2 years now.   When not in lock down I am in a class that meets at my gym.  I do not follow a class on you tube during lock down just do a routine I made up from poses we do in the class I am typically in at the gym.

I am pretty flexible, always have been .. as a kid I was what they commonly called "double jointed" .. so can do some more advanced poses.  But you should stick to some more basic moves in the beginning such as cat/cow and downward dog and child's pose .. they are not the best for strengthening but oh so relaxing.

in time you may be able to work your way up to things like up dog.  But take it one day at a time for now.

i find it extremely relaxing and centering.

And as far as the day with my keys .. ugh what a day that was.  And to think .. I ended up finding in front of my bag/purse in the end anyway.  If I wasn't so centered from practicing yoga daily I probably would have lost my marble with that one!

I hope you kept up with yoga this weekend.  Please fill me in how that is going and how your quit is going.  

- Deana

3/5/20 Found my path to freedom

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From: slowblumer


Hello May Ex-Smokers,

Check out Brad's story and how he was inspired to push on through his quit.

"Almost all of us who are quitting are doing it as a matter of choice. It is tough, it is miserable at times, but we have a choice to continue doing damage to ourselves or do everything we can to beat this awful addiction to nicotine".


From: candrew


Ana -

I didn't catch up with your post until today. 

Thanks for your response, I really like hearing from folks like you. I can learn from you especially the  encouragement and compassion part. We all need that 

This is one very difficult condition. People don't realize how horrible this thing is. As much as I am trying every day to keep from smoking (I really want to smoke) but understand that the cravings will eventually lessen. I currently am taking Chantix. I guess it works but the reason that relapsed half way through my prescription I was operating on impulse;  forgetting all the reasons I wanted to quit. Basically I gave up. I knew I craved a cigarette from the start of the Chantix program, weeks ago. AA calls the Mind set "Dry Drunk".

I am fine today with 15 days abstinence. We are in lockdown but I have lots of things to do,  one of which is navigating Delphi and learning more about our problem and also reading posts that I can relate to.

Best of luck to all.

Andrew 4/25/20

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From: KalyaRed


I guess there's a smokeless smoker in all of us. None of us is above relapsing. I have to swallow my pride whenever I check my smoking app and it says "previous attempt 121 days". 

I quit during lock down too! It's not the easiest - but we can do it! I keep thinking if I managed to do it during the most difficult time I'll be a fool to waste it! 

As Jeff said "guard your quit" 



From: SusanK1960


Congratulations on your first star, DJ!

It’s been a few minutes since we have heard from you.  Hope you are doing well and staying healthy and smoke free!


From: livtoswim


Hi Susan,

Thank you for reaching out!! today i have been smoke free 17 days 21 hrs and 13 mins. 

I am going to nope so see you there.  Have a great day


From: Eve1973


Good for you! Keep going! Will be a hard road, but so worth it! Congrats on 17days! I know you will be so happy at 3weeks, 1month, etc. just keep thinking you can do this!


From: Jatchat


Hi Deanne,

I am right there with you I have  19 days on the 21st May

Keep on keeping on top of your quit

Kind regards



From: KalyaRed


Hi Marge! 

I just read this today. I was actually in need of an attitude adjustment. 

It was a great read. Indeed we are having a choice, and that's a true blessing. 

I'm going to keep this in mind. 

Onward to day 50!



From: slowblumer


Hey Ana,

You had a great attitude to begin with, but we all get weary of the quit ay some point and need motivation.

 The article is very helpful in putting things into perspective.  Also recommend the One year and Beyond Milestones.  Each one is so different but holds much wisdom for new quitters and old as well.