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May 2020 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 12/3/19 by ModDee; 20550 views.
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From: ModDee


How to Bookmark a Thread

To to bookmark a message:

  • Go to the bottom of the post you want to bookmark.
  • At the bottom right find the "Reply" button.
  • Hover your cursor to the left of the "Reply"  button
  • Find the "Bookmark this message" symbol  just to the left of the "Reply" button.
  • Click on the bookmark this message button.
  • You will receive a pop-up message that will say

To find your bookmarked messages

  • Look to the left at the DISCUSSIONS section.
  • Click on the drop down menu in grayed area immediately beneath the word DISCUSSIONS. 
  •  You will see a menu that contains items like, "7 Days back", "2 Days back", "Unread Msgs", "Unread to Me" etc.  Look all the way to the bottom, the last item has the book mark symbol  and the words "Bookmarked Msgs"  your saved bookmark messages will appear here ...........just click on the one you want to view and it opens with your post. When finished reviewing, click on your browser back arrow key to go back to where you were. See example graphics below.

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How to Follow a Discussion

Want to know if someone posted in your buddy group? Get email notifications on any specific discussion you wish to follow.

  1. Click on your profile pic in the upper right hand corner.
  2. From the drop-down menu select “My Preferences”
  3. Scroll down to “View Zeta as Classic”
  4. Check the box before “View all Zeta forums in Classic”
  5. Select “Update”
  6. A box will appear “Success”. Click “OK”.
  7. Return to About Smoking Cessation Forum. Note: It will look vastly different.
  8. Select the “Messages” tab to show the folders.
  9. Go to the Discussion you want to follow.
  10.  Select “Subscribe” in the upper right directly across from the Discussion name.
  11.  Select how often you want to subscribe. Then click “Subscribe”.
  12.  A Subscribe box will appear. Click “OK”.
  13.  If you have other Discussions you wish to follow, repeat Steps 9 thru 11.
  14.  Select “My Preferences” at the top of the screen.
  15.  Scroll down to “View Zeta as Classic”
  16.  Check the box so it is now empty
  17.  Select “Update”
  18.  “Success” box. Click “OK”.
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From: slowblumer



Rich (lexx0)

From: Rich (lexx0)


Hi Dee!  Glad to see you're leading another May group ;D  Can you guess how long it's been for me this month?

I'm doing well and thought I'd stop by and say congrats to the new group for the best decision they will make in life.

Love ya



From: Douglas8845


Hey Rich, 

Good to see you here! Glad that you're doing so well.  Next July 23 at 6:26 PM Eastern time I will begin my 8th year smoke free.  When I recall the year we quit and the struggles of all our buddies in the group I really appreciate  the bond and camaraderie we all shared.  As we used to say, "Keep on keepin' on"!

Thank you for the introduction! Hope I can join the May 2020 quit group :)

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Day of LOVE 4/28/2020


From: JerseyDee


Hi there!  Congratulations on your commit to quit.  You can do it .. we will be here for you.  This board is helping me get through this quit in ways you can not begin to imagine.

Stick close to this board and read & write.  You can do this!

- Deana

3/5/20 - found my path to freedom

Hi Deana! You can call me Eugene. I am from the Philippines. 

Thank you for the words of support. Will definitely keep in touch through my journey.

- Eugene

Day of Love 4/28/2020


From: JerseyDee


Good Morning (7:47 am here in east coast us at least).  Are you native Filipino or a transplant?  Someone my dad knows a man who just a had a baby with a young Filipino woman. 

Funny story: he is in his 60's, she is her 20's .. he met her online and has been there to visit her a few times.  She just had the baby last week and he is planning on retiring there in a few years.

I know you have a real hurting economy in some parts of the country.  He is middle class here but said he will be extremely rich in the Phillipines.

Funny story this guy and his much younger online baby mamma.  He is an odd duck.  You guys can keep him!  LOL

Have a pleasant smoke free day.  Keep in touch.