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January 2021 Ex-Smokers   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 12/31/19 by ModDee; 36206 views.

From: MDS27



Have enjoyed reading your posts - lots of wise advice. I've been focusing on the inner peace you often talk about. It's a good thing to focus on.

Well done on being smoke-free for 1 year!


From: Anne2020


Thanks and good work on your time stretches.   Just like everything in life, practice, practice, practice.  Keep exercising your will to quit and it will strengthen your resolve to victory.   It takes time and patience is required but efforts are rewarded.  

Well done.  CHeers!


From: carito997


Hello, tomorrow will be day 10 for me if I get past this urge to run to the store downstairs to get a pack. It’s been haunting me the whole evening, it’s so hard! But I’ll try fighting it.


From: Eve1973


Don’t do it! Eat gum, chew on straw or sip ice water through straw! Hang on it’s tough, but you have made it SO FAR!


From: DanJF3


Breathe deeply and distract yourself.  The urge will go away whether you smoke or not.  I know it's not easy but you can do it.


From: Nope62


 How did you get along with stretching it out to 4 hrs. between vapes? When you vape do you take one or two drags off the vape at a time? I'm not trying to be noisy, but I have no experience with vaping.

I read back a few post to understand what and how you are quitting. As I understand it you are tapering off by reducing the amount of nicotine your putting in your body each day. Like someone who keeps cutting down on the amount of cigarettes they smoke each day until they get to none.

I've never tried that approach, but I do hope it works for you!

I've used the patches and cold turkey. I had my longest quit several years ago using Chantix, 17 weeks. I've come to the conclusion that it doesn't matter how you quit, as long as you get it done.

Good Luck!


From: MDS27



Yeah, mostly going well. Yes, tapering off is the strategy. Day 6 now after waking up and deciding I need to knock my nicotine addiction on the head.  Stretching out to 4hrs was successful on Friday despite a few challenges - a 'stress trigger', socialising and alcohol. I'm on vacation, so the days before Friday were ideal - quiet with not much to do and not many people around. As soon as I realised I'd be socialising and drinking, I knew I would be tested, but I actually got through it pretty well and found I enjoyed myself more - this process is giving me a sense of confidence and I felt more self-assured and authentic around others. Yesterday was mixed. I went 6.5hrs at start of day and it felt easy, but then with drinking and socialising and feeling pretty tired, I let it slip a little and had a couple of vapes with only a 1 hour gap. Goal is within the next few days, perhaps this coming Tuesday or Wednesday to have a day without vaping.

With the vape, I probably take 10ish drags on it a time, so around the same length as a cigarette. It's been encouraging to reach a designated time and not really be that fussed about it. It definitely has less of a hold on me and I'm loving the freedom that is emerging.

How you been going?

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From: Chloeleb2001


Hi all, Today is day 13 for me... Im super proud of myself. Its definitely been a struggle putting down the vape for good, but I've found good use of my time having two hands to do things with! :) 


From: gkim


Good job,  Chloe! Keep going!


From: Nope62


Thanks for explaining that to me!

  I hope you are able to get to your goal of not vaping for one day! I think if you can do that, your on your way. I guess that vaping is as addictive as cigarettes are.

   I quit drinking about three years ago. I don't think I could drink and not smoke. I'm at the end of my 9th day. It's been rough at times.

   How do you deal with your cravings when they come?

   Take Care!