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Just Don't Know??   Quit Support

Started 1/13/20 by 3Blackhorses; 819 views.

From: 3Blackhorses


Hello Jem777

I know that this anxiety, when it rears it's ugly and it's often, it's a horrible feeling. The thing is, when people look at you and I, they can't and don't see that everything is fine. We may look fine, but inside it's like an F5 tornado. You really find out who your friends are when you tell them why you have been acting the you have been. Over a period of weeks, months, mine all seemed to fade away, as if they had never been in my life.

I go for therapy and I am learning coping tools, and doing EMDR. Sometimes it's just not enough. However finding this forum is almost as good as having friends. We can't go for coffee, but at least there are people here who understand some of these things. Most importantly, No one seems to judge, even I trip up. 

Deep brathing and take care of you.


From: Belinda2019


Hey 3Blackhorses - it certainly does make you feel less alone, doesn’t it? I’m like you, getting counselling and have just started EMDR - did you know it can be used to help with addiction issues too? I haven’t yet asked my therapist about it as I’ve only had 1 session of EMDR so far and am initially working on childhood trauma, but I’m thinking that my third session I might look at this addiction if it’s still an issue. My next session is on Tuesday and we’ve already ‘mapped’ for it....

I’m so glad you’re back on the ‘horse’ so to speak....I hope you’ve been having a better time xx


From: Belinda2019


Hi Jem - I’m Australian, and I really dislike the American system of healthcare :( I’m so sorry it’s hard for you to access the services you need. I think you’re amazing in the amount of hurdles you’ve overcome to get to this point in your quit. Tell that anxiety voice to shut up (that stupid nagging gets in my head too!) and get lost. You are worthwhile, brave and strong!!