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So glad I’m ahead of the game   General Chit-Chat

Started 3/24/20 by turtles; 682 views.

From: turtles


I definitely was wheezing before I quit, I could hear a whistle when I breathed out.  After I quit, I heard nothing and exercising, walking up hills got easier and easier.   Funny you should ask because now I cough a little, could hear a little wheezing and asked Dr if I should see a pulmonologist.  She said no, your xrays are fine...normal as the cilia clean out your lungs.  It took a year....


From: DebraAnne60


I have read that sometimes it takes quite a long time.  I thought I would notice a difference a lot sooner than now but apparently I have a ways to go since I was also smoking some 40 years.  I was just wondering if you found the same thing.  Damaged cilia for years and years, I guess we have to expect healing to take a few years.  I count ourselves lucky that any healing can take place at all.  I will be happy to get this monkey of my back.  

Cheers Turtles