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MARCH 27 2020-NOPE PLEDGE    General Chit-Chat

Started 3/27/20 by Eve1973; 336 views.

From: JerseyDee


Good Morning Eve and DebraAnne ...

Joining in on the NOPE pledge today.

Enjoy the nice weather we are supposed to be having today ... Trying to find a silver lining.

Have a smoke free day ... Our lungs and bodies thank us this morning. Not on more Puff Ever!


From: cherbearquit


Good morning! I will gratefully pledge NOPE with you! Who else will join us?

Quit 12/6/19


From: Ginger3077


I'll be joining with my daily NOPE. Who's next ?

Kicked the butt 8/1/19


From: kittymom413


I'll be next, Ginger yellow_heart It is a great day to pledge NOPE!!

Who wants to join us? Here, take my hand, we are stronger together!!!

Have a safe, happy & smoke free weekend, everybody,


Kitty cat


From: Jatchat


Hi Kitty,

I will gladly take your hand and join you in the NOPE pledge for today (Saturday Australia) and invite others to join us

Kind regards



From: JerseyDee


HI Eve.  Do you have really weird dreams regularly too?  I have a lot of them lately and quite often I am smoking in them or there is otherwise something to do with cigarettes and smoking.

Hope all went well at work today.  It is supposed to rain this weekend : ( .. So won't be taking the dog for a ride after all .. but fully plan to do that next weekend weather permitting.

This pandemic is just getting out of control here.  PA government seems to have a better handle on this than NJ does.  I watch ABC, Philly affiliate - channel 6 quite often, I get a lot my news from this channel and am watching this right now.

I don't know when life will be getting back to normal but do have some work to take care online that I will start to chip away at this weekend I think.  It will give me something productive to do with my time in as I won't be taking adventure with the rain coming.

My cravings are pretty in control today .. have my afternoon gum in right now and all is well.  How are you holding up right now cravings wise?   What is the most helpful tip you have found to handle the waves of cravings?