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First 10 days review   General Chit-Chat

Started 5/6/20 by Musivore; 105470 views.

From: Loreficent


Right after the Vet left, Daughter went to her room and came out sobbing as her last rat, Cedar, was dying. I wasn’t closely bonded with her rats as they stayed in her room, but she was. She was up most of the night after Calvin passing holding Cedar. She came and got me at 6am to tell me she was still breathing and that she couldn’t keep watching her though she didn’t seem to be in pain. Off to the Vet we went with Cedar when they opened and they eased her way over the Rainbow Bridge too. Double whammy for Daughter. Poor sweet, kind, sensitive girl is so sad. 
Yes...no nicotine necessary. Thank you for allowing me to write it all out.


From: euknight



Aw man!!!  Poor sweet baby girl!!,  Double whammy day.  Some of that is certainly in the air lately.

One of my best friends had pet rats as well.  I was never thrilled with them but she was.  I certainly understand how difficult it has been for you all.  

I hear you about the quiet.  All the other animals grieving too.  I was thinking about how gorgeous the last few days have been.

Nicotine free....the only way to go during these times.  Strong work, my friend.  Hugs to you



From: Loreficent


Hey Eliza...

You asked about John...yes! He is turning quite dark, black almost, but standing tall. More on this soon...now I’m making an impromptu beach trip to catch the sunset. It is amazingly gorgeous here! 
Yeah...he has stood above and well beyond anything expected. I talked to the owner today, had met the husband before, but the wife today. Turns out she is just a couple years younger than me and we have a ton in common and exchanged numbers and have been texting already, lol! Love it. Life is....so...fascinating and wonderful and surprising. 
Hope you are well! You have a Re-Birthday coming!! blush

CC to Elizaquits

From: Elizaquits


So neat! I was reading that the blooms tend to last just a few months - I feel like he has been up for much, much longer than that! Right?! Also, who knew that going to visit him would bring you a new friend! Very cool. As they say, life works in mysterious ways :)


From: Loreficent


Hey Eliza,

Yes...John is beyond tenacious! Not sure if there is a word for that? joy I’ve followed these plants in different areas of PDX for over a decade, and have never seen a bloom stalk up more than a few months. Just so happened this one coincided with so many other happenings in my life and the lives of folks in PDX that he has taken on a fair amount of sentimentality for me. Yeah...weird to be sentimental about a plant, but, so many things in life seem to have...metaphorical value I guess. I’ll dig through my photos of when Johan was a strapping young bloom stalk not yet to full height, which was...AUGUST 2019! 
Im meeting his mom (homeowner) tomorrow morning to walk. So, yes, life is mysterious and one never knows what or where one will find a friend. I just love that. So...serendipitous, perhaps. Perhaps just life being lived! blush


From: Loreficent


Hey Eve...

I got a card in the mail from a friend who is miles away, but...it made me feel very close and cared about. It’s so nice to know others are sending good thoughts and love....I’ll carry that positive energy this morning out on a walk.
You make a difference in people’s lives Eve. I hope you carry some positive thoughts and love with you today too. kissing_heart


From: Eve1973


Hey Lore,

  I’m so glad that the card made you feel cared about. Hugs are always welcomed.....and to know that people are thinking about you is just so comforting and makes you feel loved. 

My thoughts are not always on.......meaning they wander, but I’m always thinking of the special people in my life. I hope you enjoyed your walk and find it serene. 

Weather breaking on east coast......Today in the 60s! Yay


From: Loreficent


HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVE!!!hibiscussunflowersun_with_facestarfour_leaf_cloverkissing_heart

So...now that you are an EX, you get TWO Birthdays in a year! Woohoo!!!

I hope you are enjoying the day and not working and that BF is treating you to a lovely dinner. I’m glad you are here Eve and that we met. Sending you tons of love and light and hope. Happy Birthday!kissing_heart


From: Loreficent



Miss seeing you! 
Just heading off to bed soon. Hope all is well down there. 
Back at the vet again today for me...well...ok...so Dog has Giardia. Ugh. Got me up almost every hour last night to go out, poor thing...I knew something was wrong. This morning I figured it out. She was in the River 2 weeks ago exactly, near some farms and such. Then again one week ago out off that island I love. So 2+2....yuck. She will be fine and they actually let me just bring a lovely poop sample in and I didn’t need to bring her, which was good. Your dogs ever had this? First one I’ve ever had to get it. Max doesn’t have any symptoms and he was in the same places, drinking the same water. Ok....that’s my lovely news update, lol!joy 

Just checking in with you and saying hi!