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First 10 days review   General Chit-Chat

Started 5/6/20 by Musivore; 113599 views.

From: Eve1973


Peggy, Congratulations!

you are killing it

Congratulations! 11Months! Hugs!


From: Loreficent


Mmmmm! I am getting hungry reading about your plants! I am one of those that feels one can never have too much cilantro. So fresh and good! Oof! 90° already? You will be in that pool before you know it! Yay! 
I just came in from working in my yard too. Feel a bit overwhelmed with it right now. Mostly that is coming from lack of motivation I think. Which is odd. I love to garden. It has never felt like “work” before today. I’m gonna let it go and not try to over analyze it. Maybe just tired. 

Yes...those babies. It was a gift for me to see them for sure. I’m pretty surprised she built that nest where she did actually. You have to put two and two together to notice and then find them. I saw most people didn’t give that little taped off area a glance. I saw her first and was watching her for a bit before I figured it out. I will go back and check on them. They didn’t have eyes open and are so so small. They look big I. The picture actually. Hopefully I get to see them grow. 

Ok, more soon. My dinner has arrived! Woohoo!

Congratulations again on this momentous day!kissing_heart


From: Elizaquits


Hey, Lore!

I am pretty sure it was the 10th! To be honest, I forgot until this exact moment... I am thinking that is a good sign :)

Thank you so much for all of your kind and wise words throughout the past year! It has been very helpful to not go through this alone! Next, we will welcome Peggy into the club!! Speaking of which, congratulations Peggy on 11 months!!! SO CLOSE!

CC to euknight

From: euknight


Sweet Lore,

Somehow I missed this post you made replying about the death of my friend, Jim.    Thank you for this.  Not oversimplification AT ALL.  Very helpful to make me better understand the process.  All makes a lot of sense....the clotting of the heart...his health was not that great.  He had been complaining about gaining weight.  We had texted 10 days previous to his death...so surreal.  I guess you guys learn to accept dying cos you are around it more than the general population.....but when it’s a couple of people close to you...it’s prob. No different.

Before my ex died in Oct. I had been having dreams for months about people who had died.  Almost every night.  Didn’t you too last Spring with COVID?  I remember.  Maybe you still are?

Now if I don’t hear back from someone I am all paranoid.  I guess that is normal to a certain extent.  It’s like our fragile mortality has been thrust in front of my face.

Thank you again, my sweet friend for your condolences.  Makes a big difference to me.  Jim was my go to person about everything no matter how psycho it sounded.  Hugs to you.


From: Loreficent


I’m following you this morning! Haha! Just found you in the NOPE. I’m very very jealous. I want someone to take me dancing! I do! I have the best and perfect mask for it!

Hmmm. Is my acceptance of death and dying any different? This will take some thought. I will say that my work skews my sense of humor. I’ve said some things to outsiders that cause them to look at me a certain way and they look, well, almost horrified. What is not understood well is the coping mechanisms that are developed in my line of work. Under those warped coping mechanisms, I think we are the same and just the same fragile and vulnerable beings as everyone else. I do think my line of work makes me view Life and living differently. For that I am grateful! Perhaps that too is a coping mechanism in its own way. Always finding something to laugh about or seeming to not be able to take things seriously. 
Today my friend I am struggling. Not to smoke, but to hang onto something small. Our World is gearing up again. Covid, Protests, traffic, vaccine or not to vaccine, all the hoopla and drama of things opening and how do we navigate all of it. I feel like I’ve turned a bit of a corner and can think deeply about some things and notice I don’t knee jerk wanting to smoke my thoughts away so much. Haha, well, that is taking a while, right? Was easier in some ways to just go out and have a smoke and let that veil cover things a bit. So maybe there is a bit more to the drug nicotine than we admit? Hmmm.

Today I’m struggling to understand....nearly 7 million J&J vaccines, 6 adverse events and one death, and our Government brings it to a sudden halt. 8 deaths from a mass shooting at a FedEx facility and things carry on, business as usual. Hard to wrap my mind around this kind of logic Peggy.
Likely better not to go there on here. I got different seeds to plant today. Sunflowers!!! 

I hope your last text with your friend was sweet. Yes...our fragile mortality. May we live and love with it always in our face Peggy. That is my wish for us. There is no better way than to embrace it fully every moment. I’ll be dancing with you tonight Peggy Love. Under the stars. kissing_heart


From: euknight



I just left you a PM.  So good to see you on here!!  Thank you for the well wishes.  I am excited you are already in the club!!!  Time does fly....

It’s ok not to post as much cos life goes on, right?  Time passes whether you smoke or don’t.  That is just it.  Are we going to spend it nicotine free or not is the question!!

Good to hear from you!!




From: Loreficent


Wait....I might be losing it joy Did I miss your actual year Eliza? I hope not and I have some vague memory of us talking about it maybe being the 10th of April. Well, CONGRATULATIONS Dear Eliza! 
I just got back from a quick walk to see John. Yes. That John. Still tall and watching. He is rather black now. And I got a bit sweaty as it is 79° degrees here in this fine city, with a high of 82° expected. I had all these plans of planting and making my deck all Summery and now I am hot and sleepy! joy Best take me a little snooze if I’m gonna dance the night away, haha! Will finish my Green Drink and see if it affords me some energy to accomplish things. I do love the PNW, but, it does not give one time to acclimate to hot days like other places I’ve lived. Your just lollygaggin along in theses upper 50° to lower 60° days and then BAM! Into the 80’s we go! Woohoo! 
Also Peggy, I’m gonna go check on the Hummingbird babies. They may have flown that nest already. I’m not too up on their development and maybe I’ve missed it. Hope not. Will send you a picture update if I can! blush

Eliza, three cheers to you!!! hibiscussunflowerblossomsun_with_facestar!

CC to euknight

From: Loreficent


Ok...so I got to the Nursery and made a beeline directly to the nest, and my little heart sank...



From: Loreficent


But then I looked up!!

So now I have to read about their growth, etc. They went from little pin feathers in the nest to up on the wire so fast it seems!! So precious they were, sitting there waiting for Momma to bring them their dinner. Oh my goodness. I watched them for quite a while as I wanted to see them fly back down into the nest, but it was getting late and was hot in there. It hit 84° today. Oh boy. 
Have a lovely night dancing! blush


From: oxanquits


Loreficent said:

our fragile mortality. May we live and love with it always in our face Peggy. That is my wish for us. There is no better way than to embrace it fully every moment.

Lore, you’re inspiring as always, I like the way you see things, are you a bit of a writer ? ;)