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First 10 days review   General Chit-Chat

Started 5/6/20 by Musivore; 156617 views.

From: Loreficent


Yes, after 8 cigarettes, that day is a wash.


From: DebraAnne60


So do you just discount that one day or do you restart your quit?


From: SusanK1960


Hi Lori,

I look at it this way, a slip is a brief return to an old behavior. Don’t think of a slip as a failure.  It is not the number of cigs smoked, but rather the mindset. As there is no further communication that you have chosen to continue smoking, I would say you are not the first one with a slip, nor will you be the last.  Hopefully, the slip only confirmed your commitment to quitting.  We are here to support you, without judgement, as only you will face the benefits or consequences of your choices.

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From: Loreficent


Hi Susan,

Thank you for your accepting and supportive reply. 
It’s funny...I am a person who has NO social media, and this is the first time I have ever become involved with any type of online forum. I much prefer interactions face to face, even in a world where that is becoming increasingly obsolete. The funny part is...I feel your love and support (and that of many others) quite well. Perhaps not enough to move me to open a FB account (LOL) but it is felt and appreciated.

I would love to be able to satisfy folks with what could suffice as a meaningful writing of shame for having smoked for a day, but I am not that person. I adore and cherish all of our differences and I think there is plenty I have written on here that hopefully supports that regardless of how one presents their “confession “. I would also like to report a meaningful analytical message of why I chose to smoke for a day, but, I still don’t fully know that answer.  At this point, I also don’t care. It was a very different space for sure. As I said, not a conscious crave/cave episode. Obviously, the addict voice was involved. For me...I will let it go as yes, that part is still there and I need to be mindful of the way it may surface. 
No, I have not chosen to continue smoking. No, I don’t recommend anyone tempt themselves to do so. I did ask myself how do I look at it as far as “starting over my count” as I did have more than one. I’m gonna go with the arbitrary nature of our society, subtract a day, and just celebrate the next calendar day. Sort of like, say, moving a major convention a day later, and calling it good, yes? I use this analogy as to me, frankly, it is funny, and we live in a world where if you can’t find some humor around you you’re gonna be in some deep doo-doo funk all the time and I’ve never chosen that. But I also use it as I find deep meaning and value in moving the day...

Thank you again...Susan, you are...solid in so many many ways. And wise.

CC to SusanK1960

From: slowblumer


Hey Lore,

You had a slip.  So glad you got back to your quit.  The only danger with a slip is that it can fuel the desire for 'one more' and be a 'slippery slope' .  Keep at it -you are doing fantastic in your quit..  


From: euknight


Hi Lore,

Hoping your day went well and you are feeling strong.  If you are still unsteady we can be strong for you.  Totally hear ya on the analyzing....can be taxing. Write or copy and paste ur stuff from here so you have a record.  Further down the line the revelation may come.  Who knows maybe journeying into heightened awareness may need to go away awhile.  Thinking too much.

I thought I was organized on those notes but doesn’t look like it. Lol. Yes, ma’am this enemy is sly and I am sick of it hanging around.  Am so ready for this death of receptors I am reading about.  Trying to picture the little booger’s dying off.  Thought replacement.  I definitely fill my mind with uplifting words, images and am around positive people.  Sleeping way more than before.

Coming  in from the dentist I chased a little roadrunner all the way down the drive. He kept running, running and would not fly off so I slowed down.  Said hi to him like I do all my animals tame and wild.  Lol, yes I do.  My friend in FLA and her son love to remind me of the time I was talking to a pelican...

That book about highly sensitive people sounds great.  Have heard of it.  Praise God I am not like when I was younger.  My poor mama did not get me at all.  Of course you have some of that, I can tell.  Certain vocations require it for sure.  At the same time for sanity, one has to be able to separate, don’t you think? Someday your daughter will appreciate this gift.  She will.

So just as we know we can separate from strong emotion on the job, maybe we can apply this to the quit.  Acknowledge the crave and that’s about it. Walk away.  Look at something that makes you happy right then and there!

Laughed about the vampire comment.  I love the dead of night too.  I need a lot of alone time.  It is when I refuel.  Very glad you recognize and take action on that.

It is about time for luscious laps...so healing for me.  The feel of the water washes away all the gunk in my brain.  Will refill the pups pool and hope they will play in it.  I know they want to walk but I have much tractor work to do first.  I am letting the wildflowers really go to seed.  Kind of a mangy time of year for the pastures but oh well....

Let us know how it is going

A smoke free evening and blessings to you,




From: Loreficent



The dead of night where you are...must be so...spiritual. I can imagine. And remember. There is nothing quite like getting lost in the sky of stars really to bring one such a feeling of peace and connection. The Rez was this way. I once got lost on a road in some California desert at night. I had to pee really bad and it was so very very dark...so...yes, I stopped and was so struck by the sky when I got out of car. I ended up laying on the hood of the car for over an hour, just lost in the sky. It was such a special night. Figured I was safe from the Tarantulas up on the hood! 
But yes...these things of such striking natural beauty, the images that I’ve burned into my heart to carry with me as I cannot ever pull myself away fully from them...

Well, Peggy...I talk to the critters too. So, I understand that. So sweet how squirrels and crows and raccoons will interact and respond. Even deer, though it has been a while since I’ve crossed paths with one. 
I never wanted to smoke while outside hiking or camping or at the coast. So, letting my mind wander to those places now is so good. I never smoked inside, just on the deck out back. Was too embarrassed to do it out front where neighbors could potentially see me! 

Yes...much of life requires a good degree of separation from emotion. I’m pretty good with it. Mostly. It is about having a balance of what we let out I guess. Probably a bit of emotion comes out in most things I do at work, and certainly with my critters and loved ones. Mostly, it comes out in my walks though, when I’m alone. Speaking of...it is that time. Just past the witching hour here...time to walk off and check on John and gather a little inspiration and blow a goodnight kiss on the wind. Mmmm. Life is so very sweet and good.
Yes, I am doing well. Hope you are too.


From: euknight


Good Morning Lore,

Feeling very much at peace today and hoping you are as well.  What day  of the month are you going to call your quit day?

I want to keep track if I can.  I hear you on the stars.  I bet in the desert they are phenomenal.  Pretty stunning here as well.  I like to keep track of the full moons.  This last one was the Strawberry Moon.  Love that name.  Strawberries are fabulous right now.  Made a fresh strawberry cake for a friend’s celeb. party here Tuesday night.  It was so relaxing.  Hanging out in the pool watching the fireflies come out.  One of my favorite things!!  Strawberry Girl was one of my fave children’s books.  I think it was a Laura Ingalls Wilder book.  Loved that series.

I just knew you talked to animals!!!  Lol.  I figure especially if they are hanging out on my land I am talking to them!  I noticed your comment to Susan K about not being a social media gal.  Love it!!  We are a rare breed it seems nowadays.  I have no interest in FB.  I have one friend that is always trying to talk me into it.  I always say if I really need to know, someone will tell me.  It has always been a part of my personal program.  I have other priorities I just do not want to sacrifice.  I spend a lot of time reading devotionals, in prayer , writing, meditating, research, movies, working.  I like to cook and have a group I mentor/sponsor and another I lead.   Much better use of time for me.  I just don’t get bored.  

Use to spend a lot of time smoking in between and during a lot of that.  That is really getting so much easier.  I would say close to one half of the time I talk on the phone I want a cigarette now.  It depends who I am talking to.  Acknowledge, distract. That is the process. Try to keep it simple.  If it is an unusually long crave I will read my list,  write, turn off my phone or go to sleep if still Jones ing .  Do you have certain times?  

Am starving.  Have a ton of leftovers so going to eat.  Yay!!  Be well, sweet girl!