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First 10 days review   General Chit-Chat

Started 5/6/20 by Musivore; 125495 views.
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From: Musivore


Wow Lori, you really have done a wonderful job. Your garden looks so lovely and I like that it will go through different phases of beauty depending on when you look at it throughout the months to come.

I do miss our last garden as that was gorgeous also and beautifully landscaped (we bought the house off someone who was particularly green-fingered). There was also so much space for my little kids to play safely, which they loved. But alas, our family got a little too big for the house, and we have moved into a bigger, swankier one. Unfortunately though, although the house is amazing and we have been in love with it the moment we first saw it, the garden is not the same. We now have a small yard at the back, a fairly big drive on the side and some well maintained lawn (yes lawn Lori ) at the front. Which is all rubbish, particularly for the kids.

I think I one day need to make more of the space we do have and transform it into something the kids will get more from... But not today, as I am busy keeping gorgeous, tempestuous six-foot burning cigarettes from breaking into my house and wrestling me to the ground into sweet submission. I need all I have to fight those bastards off. 

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From: Loreficent


Mmmm...I’ve just finished an article in The NY Times about the environmental rules that have been reversed under Trump. Tragic. Oh wait, there is so much truth to what I just wrote and I did not recognize it until I saw it printed. If I do a reversal as well it would be “Tragic Trump”. Hmmmmm. I better stay calm here and play by respectable rules but perhaps you should link me to a political forum...


From: JerseyDee


Funny I was about to google something political and read up on it.  A patient today at work .. she was in the navy and bringing her mother in for appt .. that W had started the stock pile in government reserves of ventilators, etc and that Obama had added to it but when Trump took office he let it all go to crap. 

I wanted to read this from a trustworthy source in print to validate what she told me.  If this is true this guy is simply unfit for office and I think many people are coming to finally realize that now.  I hope W really begins to speak up more.  After how poorly Trump treated Jeb during the primaries I am quite sure there is no love loss there.


From: DebraAnne60


This forum is for quitting smoking.  I for one would appreciate it if you would keep your political feelings in PM and off of this forum.

Thank you


From: Loreficent


You are correct DebraAnne...I’m sorry for the intrusion...we will redirect and keep our focus where it ought to be. Thank you for the reminder. 


From: Loreficent


Went on a long and cleansing walk today and came across this intriguing Portland garden in a window. Sure hope this MAC died of natural causes rather than smoking related illness. It did give some ideas on what to do with one I have in my basement...

Had to come back and say I was so interested to see what it looked like inside. I imagine there may be some guts missing maybe to make room for the plants. 


From: Eve1973


Interesting use of repurposing. Going to have to take a picture of a wagon I made out of Pallet wood. Made iT to be a planter.