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Haven't quit yet!    Health Support and Encouragement

Started Jul-7 by Sarama66; 267 views.

From: arlcruise


I slowly got to the point where I had non stop coughing and breathing problems. I will keep this short. I am not a professional, but I 100% disagree that quitting could have any negative aspects or contribute to that problem. The absolute reverse. When I quit the improvements were rapid, very noticeable even extreme in some ways. My advice is try this. One major part of how my quit unfolded was agreeing with myself that I wasn't quitting. I just needed to stop for a day, Should not be a big deal, in fact the next day could be a better smoke, like a reward. That worked because it took away pretty much all pressure and fear. What occurred next was  uncanny, is why I am in my second month. The improvement was was astonishing, in just the few hours. Bedtime was the quietest I had heard my lungs in memory. Day 2 the coughing was almost reversed to nil. The improvement was so good, that it became the strength to continue. Just try it. Don't quit. Take a day off. No muss no fuss no worry. You can smoke again tomorrow! Then tell us what happens....


From: Lubbercat



I am the same age as you!  I had a cold in my chest and a lot of coughing when I quit this time.  Once I quit smoking, the cold got better really quickly.  That is not to say that some of the coughing I did was not part of cleaning out my lungs but, normally I cough for a good month with bronchitis and quit coughing within a week this time.  Try it and I think you will find yourself feeling better quickly.