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Peggy 2 Months Today!!!   Dots and Stars Milestones

Started Jul-8 by Elizaquits; 145 views.

From: euknight


You are so great Eliza to remember me. Thank you, thank you!!

You have been a great support. Funny how it’s only been 2 months but seems like such a long time ago.  While those 1st weeks are tough, this month has had it’s moments too.

I guess conquering it is just not smoking any way you can!!  Lol.  Well, that is it so far.  It has helped to know there will always be some challenge because that is reality.  My fantasy that it will be over with quickly has faded.  An addict will always have a desire, even tho it may be very little, to partake in the object of desire.  Just a fact.  I just stay grateful and know I have been given the gift of self control, should I decide to use it

Thanks Tiny and Eve again!!  Sweet dreams tonight all. I also look forward to our journey together.