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Nope Pledge Thursday July 16th   General Chit-Chat

Started Jul-16 by Eve1973; 252 views.

CONGRATULATIONS to you Patrick on your one year quit.  On this very special day I pledge Nope not One!!

Be safe everyone 

Quit July 25


From: JerseyDee


Good Morning Everyone! .. I am joining today to take my NOPE pledge today.  Things are very crazy on my end but this is my LAST week of these crazy hours and life will get a little more back to normal next week .. I will have the time to spend more time on this forum then and do expect to see a lot of me just passing some time.  Look forward to chit chat with everyone at that time!

In addition to my normal chronic pain issues I ended up at Dr office last night as was experiencing some horrible additional pain on my left side of torso after doing some bending/twisting in yoga and working it hard .. TOO hard .. turns out I have an oblique muscle pull .. this thing is incredilby painful .. hurts to even blow dry my hair .. pour a cup of coffee .. scoop litter box and so forth .. said it will take weeks to heal .. no yoga during this time and try not to bend and tiwist .. more meds to take .. son of a gun .. if it's not one thing it's another.

Am getting through this quit though and that is the important part .. I am going to give it another 100% today and stay clean all day and night from that junk.  Want/need body nice and clean to heal this muscle and also have knee surgery coming up and some dental work coming up .. sounds like a fun summer, hah? .. Big time boring summer and covid does not help matters.

Well .. that ALL said I hope this day treats you well.  What a wonderful day to be smoke free!  I ask the next person to join me in on this pledge today.

AND .. CONGRATULATIONS PATRICK! .. One YEAR .. that is AWESOME! .. You have kicked butt and serve as an inspiration ... one year is NO JOKE! .. Keep on rocking it!


From: June2019


Joining in to pledge NOPE today...and to congratulate Patrick on 1 year smoke free - yay! 



From: modanjim


I am also taking the NOPE pledge today!    Congratulations Patrick on One Year Smoke Free!!    You should be proud of yourself.  Hope you get to celebrate somehow .




From: TinyBadger


Nope for me today! Great job, Patrick!


From: Ovivi


Congratulations Patrick! You’ve been an inspiration to me over the past 10 months with your pledges. It must feel wonderful to have completed 1 year smokefree!

I’m very glad to pledge not one puff ever today.

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From: Jatchat


Hi Ovivi,

Congratulations Patrick well done.

I would like to pledge NOPE today and invite others to join us.

Kind regards