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Day 10 - restlessness    Quit Support

Started Oct-12 by Jaka38; 366 views.
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From: Loreficent


Hi Jaka,

You are doing so well. It does take a lot of work to turn the thinking around in our heads! It can be exhausting for the first couple of weeks. Your brain is very malleable though and can be trained! Have you read some of the articles here in the Library tab? Positive self talk is an exercise that the more you do the more natural it becomes, just like not smoking. I’m very happy to hear the anxiety is less. I forget, are you using NRT? 
Yes, when you see folks smoking ask yourself why they are punishing their body like this? We know the answer is addiction. I’m not sure how there are those that can smoke only occasionally. I think they are definitely the exception and not the rule. For years I told myself I would be or could be one of them, but, it is not something I can be. Now, I don’t want to be. I’ve learned for me it is such a trap and simply cannot work. The addict in my head does not allow this. Even only occasional smoking is still detrimental to our bodies too. So...just let it go. Walk away. Leave it behind and have a visual of yourself choosing some sunny and bright and walking towards that. Soon your mind will be stronger and go to this more automatically. Every time you walk away you get a bit stronger. Also, yes! Keep posting. 

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From: Nope62


 Congrats on day ten of your quit!

 You are doing really well!

Every night that you go to sleep not having smoked that day, You Win!

Take Care!


From: Jaka38


Thanks both. It's still so hard in a morning. Don't know what to do without coffee and all the other rituals. I'm really restless but not so much agitated. Keep drinking water, eating sweets from time to time. Much more than usual. I'm trying to start working right now, to overcome huge aversion towards that. I just can't walk and read all day long. Sometimes I think I'm losing my mind. 

I did read articles under first section, introduction. But where is library tab? I'm usuing forum on my android phone.

No, not using NRT. Don't know why actually. Years ago I tried with nicotine patches. I wasn't ready at that time, didn't study anything, so than I was smoking with patches on in no time. All the quits that followed were without NRTs. Now that I started that way, I guess it's better to continue in the same manner. 


From: Jaka38


Aww I find library. I'll do some more reading after very long walk since I just cant to put myself to do some work.