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vaping high levels of nic salt going cold turkey and having panic attacks    General Chit-Chat

Started Jan-2 by nicsalts; 415 views.

From: TinyBadger


I'd like to echo what gkim had to say- consult with a physician soon. If you think about it, vaping won't cure the issue. It will only postpone the inevitable, because you'll try to quit again. I use a patch and I normally have a lot of anxiety, but I think the patch helps me a lot with that. Granted, I do go therapy to help with my anxiety, so there's that. Keep us posted!


From: nicsalts


Thank you. I will certainly be booking in a appointment with a doctor.  

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From: nicsalts


Thank you.


From: Loreficent


Hey there,

The nicotine is a big part of the panic attacks to begin with and I think it makes sense they get worse as you go through withdrawals. It is important to remember that nobody ever died from stopping nicotine. You may feel like you are going to in moments, but each time you go through one, you will get a little stronger. I highly recommend starting in the tab that is called January 2021 New Ex Smokers Start Here and start reading and learning about the addiction and everything that goes with it. Arm yourself with knowledge about what is happening and you feel a little more control. You can do this. It is a rough road, but there is a lot of good support here.


From: gkim


Lot, you are always so full of good advise. Just curious, wondering how old you are because you’re very wise.