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Hi !    Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Feb-3 by Iamkenia; 260 views.

From: Iamkenia


Hello! Firstly, sorry for my English, I'm improving it. Today is my third day without smoking. Reading your messages it's been so helpful, and I can recognize many of the situations you describe. I'm using the varencicline, and despite it has some side effects I think it's easier, and most of all, I think that the side effects of smoking are worst. Thanks again for being here and all my support to those who are in the process. Probably we've taken the best decisión in our lives. 


From: Lubbercat


Your English is actually very good.  Congratulations on 3 days, it is wonderful you have made the decision to quit.  There are others on here that take Chantix that goes by quite a few names depending on where you are from but, same med that you are taking.  

The first week is the hardest so just hang on tight and just don't smoke.  It will get easier.


From: gkim


Yes, your English is very good and yes, quitting smoking is the best decision you will make in your lifetime and it’s for you and for those who love you. For me, learning about what smoking does to my health in detail really helped me stay strong. You can do this!


From: Eve1973


Hi.....I am currently a little over a year quit and used the Chantix to quit. I am currently still taking but weaning off it. I have a thread of my journey if you would like to read.

Congrats on quitting. I had some cravings and a few major cravings, but mostly it was all psychological. 

Read a lot of posts, it helps the time to pass, and contribute if you have questions or thoughts. Honestly it helps to know if someone has felt that way or experienced the same thing!