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Can’t Ever Let Your Guard Down   Quit Support

Started Feb-3 by gkim; 1608 views.

From: Anne2020


Wow, so disappointing to let a 15 month quit  go up in smoke!  Yes, I said it 'let it go up in smoke'.  You are in control of you.  It's your mind.  There is no one else pulling strings to make your decisions for you.  This is more than a slippery slope.  You have jumped off a cliff and into the abyss.   You don't really believe you can get away with it do you?  Seriously - do you miss all the struggle you had for 15 months so much that you want to get back to where you started and do it all over again?  ONE - can take you there.  Let me be harsh here - you are crazy to take what you have accomplished for granted.  It won't be so easy to quit the next time.  



From: Eve1973


Tell Edwin to shut up! Lol Seriously I know you feel like a friend has left your life......but not true. You dumped the “toxic” person from your life. 

I said recently that if someone told you that your husband/wife/friend was slowly poisoning you would you stick around to let them finish the job? NO! And we were doing this to ourselves. Whatever you do......just stop regroup and say to Edwin he needs to go away. Because you are in control now and you are not going to let him back into your life! 

This addiction is really tough, and yes you are a couple months ahead of me....... but yes I still think about it. But I know I don’t ever want to go back. Today I did the treadmill for 1hour (I have worked up to this) but I never ever could have done that a year ago. Think of your positives and also ask yourself why you are doing this now? Boredom? Anxiety? Pandemic? What? Then whatever your answer is, ask yourself how can I remedy this. 

Tell Edwin......Eve says shut up!


From: gkim


I don’t know about you but I really don’t want to lug around an oxygen tank. I think I would feel really pathetic because I knew what smoking would do to me and I couldn’t stop because I enjoyed it too much or that I wasn’t strong enough. If something is hurting me I have to cut it out even if it’s hell at the time. It’s short hell or very long and life threatening hell. 


From: SusanK1960


Hey Ed, I was wondering how my quit buddy was doing!  I’m sorry to read that you acted on the siren’s song.  I have noticed over the last month I have had more body cues/craving/calls, whatever you might call them.  When the craving hits, I have been snacking, which seems to cool the urge.  What Im saying is that the craving/cue/felling whatever I call it is still occurring and I was used to calming it with a cigarette.  I am thinking that call, that craving, is my body wanting something.  In the old days, that call/craving would be my body saying I want nicotine cause Im running low or because I was bored or because I was driving, etc.  Now when it hits, it is not because I am low on nicotine so I have to stop to wonder what does me really want. Please find a way to avoid the smokes.  Take care and visit more often!

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From: BroGreg32


gkim said:

I don’t know about you but I really don’t want to lug around an oxygen tank.

Yup there it is..

40 year habit..14 months quit for me and that oxygen tank is the only thing that keeps me away. Nicotine is a great drug.

I'd light one right now if I could. We are a society that thrives on drugs, from the alcohol to the cannabis to the prozac, etc.

First thing I'm doing when I get to heaven is heading for the smoke shop.

You got this gkim.. 


From: gkim


Greg, thanks for this post. You know, whenever I post here about the oxygen tank, I think about those in this forum who are already using the tank. I wonder if my posts make them feel bad and should I not talk about it. So, I appreciate you responding to me and telling me how you’d smoke if it wasn’t for the tank. Yes, this addiction is so powerful. I’ve seen a commercial of someone smoking through their hole in their neck. That was horrible. But did I quit after seeing that? No. Because in our minds we want to believe things like that happens to other people. How stupid the addiction makes us. 


From: Gersheps


Hi, Anne,

The last line of your post says it all: "It won't be so easy to quit the next time."  I wish I had known that before I threw away a quit of nearly 6 years. It took almost 40 years of smoking before I was able to  quit, and today is the 6th anniversary of my forever quit.

I have a lot of pride in achievement over that, but I also have Stage 1 Small Cell Lung Cancer.  Play stupid Games, win stupid Prizes!  They caught it early, so after 2 more radiation treatments, I'll be done with it.  There is a very easy way to quit: Imagine that you have only 50% lung capacity and can't walk 50' without gasping for breath because of COPD.  It isn't pleasant.



From: Londiann


The thing that I worry about is that continuing to smoke could damage my eyes. My ophthalmologist tells me that smoking can cause AMD, age related macular degeneration. My brother has been a smoker for a long time and he has it in both eyes.  I get angry with myself because I know smoking damages every organ in my body and I know it's such a stupid thing to do. This addiction is SO strong. I've thought about finding someone who does hypnosis to help. I don't really want to use Chantix because I've heard such horrible stories by people who have used it and had a really bad experience.

I quit for a week recently, but there's a pressure that builds up, a psychological and physiological pressure, and eventually, it got to  me and I bought a pack and lit up. I'm in deep trouble with this horrible habit. It's my only vice. Guess it's the same for many of you. I have nicotine patches and don't use them, and I even have the book "The Easy Way to Stop Smoking" by Alan Carr. It makes a lot of sense intellectually and emotionally as well, but here I am, still smoking. I want to find something that will just make me NOT WANT to smoke. I feel like I'm an idiot. Help!!


From: 48yrsmokin


Don't feell that way  !!!!!!  Everything you are experienceing I'm going thru again. I quit myself and stopped smoking for 15 months. Didn't think that there would be anymore problems got it beat. boy that creepy dude showes back up again. and I have started haveing 1 here and there. He says awww just have 1 it wouldn't hurt. Well thats wrong!!!!!!!!!!   It scares me to think that all that time spent on quitting is gone with a puff of the white sticks. Like you said" How do yoi get rid of the psychological BOND" it is so heavy????????? I wish you could just turn that switch off and walk out of the room. and leave it all behind.  GIrl if you find that switch let me know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I wish you luck on your quest Sorry I don't have the magic wand to say alacazam and everything goe away.    Good luck Londiann. This forumn helps to sort thngs out and encouragement.


From: Nope62


   I am replying to both your and 48yrsmokin's post. I'm going to put a link in here to help you reinforce what you have already read in Alan Carr's Book. I read that book three times and it is a good book, but even after you take in everything that's there, you still have to do the work! There is not magic cure for this addiction. Knowledge is power! Power that will help you to stick to your commitment to never take another puff.

   I never felt like a victim where smoking was concerned. I'd always say, " nobody twisted my arm to smoke". After reading Mr. Carr's book and watching these documentaries I feel different about that, and it makes me mad. I'm a 50 yr. smoker, started in my mid teens. I have many health problems because of smoking.  Did the tobacco companies take advantage of my youth and lack of knowledge?  Yes they did!  Did they put chemicals in their products that insured that I would continue to smoke and give them my money? Yes they did!  Did they know that they were addicting me to a slow form of suicide. Yes they did!  All for their profit. 

They are still doing it today with young people in many third world counties.  Because of social and political pressures here they have shifted their method of keeping young people addicted and buying their deadly products by investing in and marketing vaping products. Same poison, different package.

Please take the time to watch these documentaries. They are long, but you can watch them in parts until you have finished. Just maybe they will make you feel a little different, or make you mad enough to be able to stick to your quit!


Good Luck!

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