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March 2021 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 2/28/21 by Terry (abquitsmking); 77356 views.

From: Nope62


 Congratulations on your one week quit! Don't you feel just a little better?

You have a great attitude and that goes a long way on this journey!

Take Care!


From: Nope62


 Thanks for telling me about the heated tobacco cigarette. I had never heard of that. I assume it is just as addictive as a regular cigarette. 

I'm Happy that you still have your quit going. Three days quit is really something to be proud of! 

Every time my mind tries to get me to give in and give it what it wants, a nicotine fix. I have to ask myself, is this reasonable. Once early in this quit I felt like I couldn't breath and I needed a cigarette to breath better. Now that's just plain stupid. The nicotine monster will have to up it's game to catch me on some thing like that. But I don't doubt it will. 

I am 10 weeks quit now. I am still struggling with myself at least a few times a day. I don't consider myself an ex-smoker yet. But coming on here and reading the posts and talking to others who are in my same situation helps! I know when I log off here that I am not the only one fighting this addiction.

Keep That Quit Going!

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From: Cocoa60


Good morning.  Congrats on being here and stopping the poison smoke.  I smoked 38 years

in a 40 year span.  Finally stopped for good April 10, 2007.  I used Chantix, this forum, images

in my mind.  Whatever you need to stop is what you need.

Keep up the good work.



From: Anne2020


Hey there Debbie,

I also have a hard time with fatigue.  I have been supplementing my diet with vitiamins and minerals with an emphasis on B12 for stress and find, after a couple of weeks of daily intake, I have much more energy and much less fatigue.  Just want to write to you in the event that this might be helpful to you as well.  Also, I have found that eating an orange is or orange juice is a very quick energizer.


Mercy (mercy164)

From: Mercy (mercy164)


My fatigue is chronic.  I don't think I made that clear. I have chronic illnesses and use cigarettes to keep me going like coffee(I drink that too). I have been getting better with trying to slow down but there are many times that life wants more from Me than I have energy to give.


From: Loreficent


Good morning!

Ahhh...don’t pull your hair out. Not worth that. Doesn’t it smell so much better without the smokes?blush

Hmmm....is anyone in Portland born and raised in Oregon? Lol! Yes, plenty are, but I’m not one of them. Have been here since early 2004. Last stop in the US for me. My partner is born and raised in PDX. His family is all still here. Mine is all still in the Midwest. I’ve been gone from there since 1987, so gone longer than I lived there at this point. Haven’t been back since my sister got married in 2012. Do miss some things still...mostly just Fireflies and real thunderstorms. Sometimes miss the hot and muggy July/August nights and swimming then. You’re from NY? How long have you been in Oregon? It’s a lovely state for sure! Always something to do outside, easy to get to snow then leave it, haha! Yeah...I do not miss the Midwest Winter at all. I did enjoy the few days of snow we had a month or so ago and all the skiers in the streets. Don’t see that where I grew up. 

Hows the quit going today? Hang in there...soon you will be past the first week. You mentioned arguing with your daughter. Is she supportive of quitting? Mine just turned 18. We get on pretty well, all considered, I was fortunate the teen years weren’t terrible, haha. Had challenges for sure, but we have a ton of fun together still and make each other laugh a lot. 

Things are picking up around here traffic wise. That’s probably my biggest smoking trigger at this point, lol!


From: Loreficent


Oh good...never sure if my natter is helpful or just...natter. Congratulations on a week!!! Woohoo!! Way to go! muscleclapblushhibiscusstar2!

You mentioned Sarah in one of the posts...I’ve been following this story. It sure saddens me to see these kinds of things, anywhere really. So happy to see the Women there banding together, and the men folk that are supportive too. Right, no Boris statues needed on every corner for COVID successes, (other leaders either)  but, it was good to see him speak out supportively for this. It is much better leadership than having flames stoked for sure...
ok...back in line for me...just wanted you to know there are others around the World thinking about this and aware and supportive. 

Also, my partner does the Actor thing here for medical students. So is interesting to know this type of training is other places! It is a side job for him that he’s been doing a long while and he has a lot of fun with it. 

Celebrate you today!!!blush


From: Jatchat


Go Suzy Go, you rock girl! Congratulations on one week


From: Suzy2018


Thank you, Missis Caz - I'm astounded to be here, but here I seem to be, and I'm not knocking it - just surprised.   I couldn't  have picked a worse week to quit smoking if I'd tried - pretty much everything that could have gone wrong has gone wrong, and then a few little extra problems as well - but somehow I haven't picked up a cigarette. Who'd a thought it?

Thanks for the yelling - I can hear you, and I love it.

Suzy x


From: Suzy2018


Thank you, Jeff!  Or would you prefer to be called Nope?  

I DO feel better, most of the time.  When I don't I feel a lot worse, but I know that's junky thinking, because there are NO pluses to smoking! relaxed  And yes, I'm breathing better, smelling better, not feeling embarrassed, feeling proud of myself.  It's all good, really.  I've had a hell of a week with family stuff, but I'm still standing, hugely because of you and everyone else on here.  Thank you for caring, and I hope you're having a good day too.