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Penny is 10 YEARS Smoke Free!   One Year and Beyond Milestones

Started Mar-9 by ModAustinPen; 1186 views.

Congratulations on 10 smoke free years, Penny! I haven't been on the forum in a very long time. I , signed in this morning and was so pleased to see a familiar name from 2011. I will have my 10 year anniversary on June 22. It seems like a lifetime ago and I could never had been successful without this forum. Quitting after 43 years of nicotine was terribly hard. I will always remember the support received here from you and all of the great people. I often think of our old friend, Foster/Frank. He helped me through many rough patches, despite all of his struggles. RIP, Frank. Take care of yourself, Penny and Stay Strong!!

Buddy Clyde


From: Susan1206


Congratulations, Penny ~ I do remember you!   I'll have to look at my Silk Quit meter..working on 12 plus years.

Thanks be to God, that we all managed to quit.  What an insidious  habit...   We came out on the bright side.

Stay safe and congratulations on your victory!   Susan


From: blackbird912


Wow Buddy!  Huge CONGRATS!  Glad you popped in to check in.