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NOPE Pledge, Saturday 27th March 2021   General Chit-Chat

Started Mar-26 by Jatchat; 189 views.

From: Jatchat


Hope you had a good day at work Lori, what is it that you do? I am retired, Each day is a fresh palette waiting for a new design, at the moment listening to Santana, he makes that guitar sing. 

It's midday here Sunday, beautiful day Temp 22 degrees C, blue skies, light breeze, just too good.

Smoke free, the edge has waned into the bodies complicity with my desire to rid myself of this nicotine addiction. I'm up to page 160 of the link you sent me. Good reading fresh insights into my addiction...I can't believe how Pharma has joined forces with Big Tobacco to hoodwink users, but I don't doubt it for one minute...The sooner I get off this stuff the better.

Take care