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2 Years + 1 month + 4 days   One Year and Beyond Milestones

Started Mar-29 by Emily (SamZahav); 297 views.
Emily (SamZahav)

From: Emily (SamZahav)


Who says I'm keeping track, ha ha! ;-) 

So glad to be back here to post that I recently celebrated 2 years smober!

There have been some struggles, but I've been able to remember why I'm doing this.

Just last month I got a recent diagnosis of COPD.  It surprised me/didn't surprise me.  Made me sad and ashamed that I did this to myself.  But also gave me the gift of deeply knowing that I cannot ever smoke again. NOPE.

I believe that if we want this MORE than we want to smoke, we can do this.  But we have to be honest with ourselves and find those reasons, and not kid ourselves that just knowing will make it easy.  But I can attest - it does get easier!!!!  WAAAAAYY easier!!

This forum was a godsend for me my first several months.  Stay close and you will see. 

Happy Spring.




From: oxanquits


Congratulations Emily! rose

Emily (SamZahav)

From: Emily (SamZahav)


Thank you so much.  


From: turtles


Congratulations!!  I am so sorry about the diagnosis but you’re right, not smoking is the best thing you can do.  I celebrate 2 years quit on April 1. Chose that day because I didn’t want to be a fool anymore.