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NOPE Pledge, Tuesday 6th April 2021   General Chit-Chat

Started Apr-5 by Jatchat; 406 views.

From: Loreficent


Good morning Chris, and welcome!

So...in the words of Yoda “There is no try, only do”. All here understand and tell ourselves and each other that stopping smoking and entering recovery from it is not that simple and not easy. I agree. There isn’t a lot to figure out really though,  we choose, to smoke or not. I think it helps to understand it starts with a decision, then a true commitment. Say to yourself you choose not to and are sticking to it No.Matter.What. This commitment lets go of “try” and accepts it is done. You are an ex smoker from now till forever! Yippeee! All you have to do is not smoke. The difficulty lies in you are also a nicotine addict from now until forever.  It is certainly possible to stop smoking and enter recovery and people do it every day. It also takes focus and work and is AMAZING! Welcome to recovery and know you are not alone and have a huge amount of support here. It is what was the tipping point for me this time, to know I was with folks that “get it”. Start at the top in the April 2021 New Ex Smokers folder. Half down that first post is a link called “homework for new ex smokers” or something  to that effect. There are a lot of short, very readable articles that will help you understand so many aspects of this addiction that you may never have realized or thought about. I really believe the more we understand about our addiction, the better prepared we are to recover from it. Sounds like you, as for many of us, have quit a few times in the past. This is my first quit that I truly accepted that I am an addict, and also that  I took the time to learn about it. That and this forum made a world of difference. Anyway...off my soapbox now....glad you found this site and hope you put it to use. You are DOING this!!!

On with my NOPE too, lol....


From: Jatchat


All is well on the quit smoking front, as for my hip it is swollen and painful, I don't know whether I hit the exercise to hard at first or its a natural reaction to the operation, anyway might ring physio today, Your friend sounds lucky, just a pin. Though that would be painful to I imagine.


From: boylant22


Pledging NOPE alongside all of you today too!


From: Jatchat


Hi Chris,

It's easy, the solution - just don't smoke, you will be amazed as the days just pile up, look at me, 40 days and nights smoke free, how did I do it? Just don't smoke. For every craving you get just say NOPE not one puff ever, once you have made a commitment to stop smoking and make it Number 1 Priority in your life, the rest just follows. Stick close to this site, read and post.

Kind regards



From: euknight


Hi Anthony,

Am so sorry you are still hurting.  Hoping you will be better soon.  Yes, PT ought to help. Hopefully a cigarette has not crossed your mind.  Yuck.  I always tried to smoke myself to wellness....Lol.  Knowing fully well it would leave me feeling sicker but doing it anywayalienNow I have no desire to make myself sicker.

Stay strong!!!  You are doing a fabulous job,!




From: Jatchat


Thanks Peggy,

Apparently Ice Packs and lying with legs elevated should do the trick, according to my surgeons nurse, and just to take it easy with the walking at the moment.