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Try, try again.....Would love to hear from others!   General Chit-Chat

Started Apr-18 by freetobeunme; 495 views.

From: freetobeunme


Very  insightful and true share, Chris. Thank you, it makes a big difference that you chose to reply to my post. :) Great you said escape, because cigs/drink is an excellent way to avoid life. I don't want to avoid anything in life and since I've quit, there is nothing I WANT TO AVOID. Isn't that ironic.?


From: freetobeunme


It sounds like having a drink with friends is a stumbling block in past quits.

Yes!! but, funny thing is. I thought about this last night and I remembered last time I quit, friends had me over for wine. I would absolutely not allow myself more than 1 glass. I knew I would lose self-control and sneak a cig. I was uncomfortable and a bit rigid and stiff. I think I wished very much that I could just have one cig. Compromise. Just be able to get away with smoking 3-5 cigs a day. But, that I was doing and that was too much addiction/habit and smoking for me - that little amount of smoking took over my whole life!! There is no compromise! I am clear about that more than ever!! I used to think, wouldn't this be a perfect world if I could healthfully smoke a few a day without any drawbacks. Not any more.....!!!

I've moved out of state since then and Funny thing is, last night I thought If my new friends invited me over for drinks AND if they smoked, I would not be interested in the least! In fact, I had one of my neighbors over for dinner a few nights ago. I served wine (not for myself, I am getting over a head cold) and never did I associate socializing with smoking, which I would ALWAYS DO BEFORE. Socialize? Best part about socializing is smoking....that was me in the past. Seems moving to a peaceful environment makes it that much more easier to quit. 

Ultimately you have to accept that smoking will not be part of those nights anymore. Yes!! Yes!!

Otherwise you’ll spend years in this awful back and forth cycle. No! No! It's the WORST!! Stopping and starting....Awful!!

You might feel deprived at first but trust in your decision to not smoke, leave that in the past and in time it will feel normal and enjoyable to not smoke in those situations. That's the goal!! :D


From: blackbird912


you are doing quite well!!!!
The tea sound wonderful except rhe jalapeño.  I 

I think Allen Carr is spot on many aspects of nicotine addiction.  I used his program 4 times!!   I bought the book for the 1st quit and paid a hefty chunk for access to their online class.  This last time i put cigarettes down, his seminar didn’t work.  I have listened to the seminars so many times that I probably have,part of it memorized.    

I am on day 11 of this quit.  I did struggle more this time.  Although Today is the best day yet.  I will eventually get comfortable with my quit and that’s when I will have to be more gentle but cautious with myself.