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July 2021 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started Jul-4 by slowblumer; 28659 views.

From: Jatchat


I got your pm, and responded, hope you get it, Heading towards the 4th day completed, I have not been troubled to much with cravings, the patch and NRT seems to keep it under control, did my exercises this morning and then headed out to the beach, it was still dark, before sunrise it's about half an hours run out to the beach in the car, I am happy with our car, I bought it second hand and so far it is reliable. anyway I digress, I arrived at the headland and walked about a Kilometre down and along the beach to get a view of where I thought the sun was going to rise, it paid off, I'll have to go on my photography laptop to retrieve the photo, I'll edit this post and upload one.

Sorry to hear of your loss, and I hope your friend and cousin recover quickly. I lost both of my parents within two years of one another, 2017  and 2019, It leaves a bit of a hole.

Kind regards, that's is an awesome quit you have there


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From: troymcclure1


sorry to hear :( and very appreciating your effort!


From: DM2021


Denim50, thank you so much for the celebration!!!

Yes, although I did not sign in,  and may not everyday, I am still smoke free and planned to stay that way for the duration!!

I have to take care of so many medical issues right now that are related to smoking for many years.  

You have a great day as well and so sorry to hear about your loss.


From: oxanquits


Anthony, I love the sunrise picture. I know it takes a lot of effort to see sun rising, you have to wake up early, find right spot and so on, I admire you :) Also the one with surfer, you’re blessed to live close to the ocean! I hope you enjoy those moments while dealing with the quit!


From: Jatchat


It takes my mind off the quit, and helps me focus on the moment, it is a special part of the day, thanks for your kind comments


From: Denim50


A day late but, huge congratulations on getting through that third week and moving toward your first smoke free month.  



From: Denim50



You’re very welcome. You’ve earned it and we’re all so happy for you. Quitting isn’t easy but you’re doing it and that’s a lot to be proud of and celebrated. 

Thank you. Today seemed to be a extension of yesterday to a certain degree. 


From: Cazza2468


Hi Denim

so sorry to hear of all the dramas happening in your life right now. I’m sure things can only improve from now on

its always lovely to hear from you.  I’m going to ring Suzy tonight and see how she is travelling. 
my new puppy is trouble mostly. I wanted this lovely little cute puppy to sit with me in the evenings but instead I got this bites puppy that drives me mad at times.  The puppy has improved but I have signed her up to a dog whisperer who I hope can help us LOL

hope you are enjoying your summer



From: mariasmit


Hey nice forum guys...
I am trying very hard but every time it's got even more difficult.
Hereafter reading all the comments I believe it's not that difficult I just have to have faith. Thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts I think it's motivating. 


From: Denim50


Thank you so much.

Best wishes as you start your smoke free journey Saturday. Remember your quit buddies are here to help and support you.