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October 2021 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 10/7/21 by slowblumer; 12569 views.

From: Jatchat


Yes good luck and take care Mercy, congratulations on your 2 week anniversary

Mercy (mercy164)

From: Mercy (mercy164)


I am confused. What did I write? LOL I am not sure how to help. I did write that I injured my shoulder badly and it affects my being able to type. I am waiting for the doctor.

Mercy (mercy164)

From: Mercy (mercy164)


Hey you!

Thanks! : )


From: xvaper


Congratulations Mercy, sounds like you are doing so well despite how hard it was for you to stop. 14 days is a lot. before the quit, we  think we could not go one evening without smoking, looking frantically for an open store late at night if we ran out. Now it's 14 days..which means it can be like that for the rest of our lives if we stick to NOPE.


Mercy (mercy164)

From: Mercy (mercy164)


Yeah, I am okay. I look forward to the days when I don't think about cigs at all. How are you doing?



From: Anne2020


Those days are coming.  Stick to your plan and it will happen for you but only if you do not smoke, not even one puff.

You are doing great!!!    


From: Denim50



Hey Timmy, 

Congratulations on four weeks smoke free! That’s great! I hope you had a terrific time celebrating yesterday. I apologize for this  being a day late but I was off the forum four days. I wasn’t feeling too good. Nonetheless, I try not to be off too long. Anyway, I hope you’re doing good and did something special to celebrate this amazing achievement. I’m so happy for you and looking forward to celebrating your first smoke free month milestone with you soon. Keep going and have a wonderful week ahead. 

Have a great day.  


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From: timmy777


Hi Denim,

Hey thanks for the shout out, I am doing and feeling great tada

Mercy, I hope you are feeling ok with your shoulder, I think you should be up to day 20 now, that is fantastic! (you don't need to reply, I know typing is causing you a lot of pain).

Anthony, I also hope you are doing better now, I know you had a setback last week but you jumped straight back on the horse and you are now 1 week in, so congratulations mate and keep it up tada tada

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