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Lung Cancer   One Year and Beyond Milestones

Started 11/19/21 by skythrutrees; 391 views.

From: skythrutrees


Eighteen months ago, I called 911 because of extreme difficulty breathing. At the ER, an X-ray revealed that I had a collapsed lung caused by a pleural effusion, a large excess of fluid in the pleural space surrounding my left lung. I had bladder cancer years ago that developed in my lower left lung base. I looked up my condition on the internet on my phone from my bed in the hospital. The prognosis was grim. Four months.

I discussed my disease and prognosis with a nephrologist by my bedside. He told me to stay off the internet. "We now have immunotherapy."

After my first PET scan, my oncologist said, "We can control this." Both chemo and radiation were not viable because of my CKD and would have damaged my kidney to the point of requiring dialysis. I have a Keytruda infusion every three weeks. Side effects are minimal. My last scan revealed only a trace amount of liquid and no mets elsewhere with stable labs. I am so grateful to my doctors and techs at the clinic.

I'm certain I would have never had bladder CA if I had never smoked. Cancer doesn't run in my family.

On November 16, 2017, I quit smoking by taking a smoking cessation class, joined this forum, binge watching 200 episodes of "Gray's Anatomy," and researched every procedure on the show! More importantly, I read about the physiology of smoking and the extreme damage it does to the lungs, heart, and other organs of the body.

The sky thru trees becomes clearer with each passing day!



From: Lubbercat



Congratulations on your successful quit.  Sounds like you have been having quite the list of medical challenges.  You sound very intelligent and it sounds like the way you are fighting this cancer is very commendable!  Good luck going forward.


From: oxanquits


Congratulations on fighting desease and addiction!!!


From: xvaper


Congratulation on your restored health and successful quit. When you are not well is when you realize nothing else matters.