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To me   Quit Support

Started 4/3/22 by candrew; 7517 views.

From: Lubbercat



Honesty is the best.  If you can cut down for a time then hopefully later you won't want to spend the money to invest in the lozenges...........I would say, just stick with the program.  I can say, however, that staying cut back will be a challenge.......no different then cutting back with the smokes, it seldom works cause the addiction will want you to increase the amounts again.

Good luck though and I will look forward to seeing you on here and hearing how you are doing.



From: candrew



I would love to cut down. I now on day 3 of my current quit. No nicotine substitutes for this guy. I hate the taste of lozenges and gum, tired of the "nicotine pouches" that I have. I'm on my own as far as feeding my addiction with more nicotine. 

I envy your approach, I too would love to cut down, only smoking at  my special times. After meals, getting into a car, after a challenging task and others. 

Having just a few per day would great as opposed to my 2 pack a day habit. With every thing getting more expensive I calculated my monthly cost of smokes and I was amazed it was over $200/month or $2500/year.  Time to quit for sure.

How is your new job going? Have you found any smoking buddies? Break time was dedicated to having at least 2 with my group. I hope you like the job; that it is challenging and satisfying. 

I miss smoking and everything that went along with it except the  cost ; too bad, I JUST DON'T SMOKE AMYMORE, period.

Good luck in your modified quit, your new job and your new relationships.

Good day,



From: xvaper


Exactly. There is no deadline.. If and when you feel like quitting altogether, we are here for you.


From: Anne2020


Sounds like you are hitting all the right marks.  You are doing great.  Keep it up.

What are you doing in place of old smoke-time?  Your new smoke-free lifestyle will need to include new things to do (walking, running, swimming, playing basketball), to eat (hmmmm, chocolate covered raisins), to drink (orange juice never tasted so good) - food and beverages will absolutely surprise you as your taste buds come back to life.  

You are in charge of you and you have decided that the new you is smoke free.         


From: candrew


Anne -

Thanks for your response.

Yea, over the past few quits I have had a laundry list of substitute activities and this list gets longer each day. Being a rather sedentary person I have been trying new things that make me move more. I have been walking with my walker 1-3 miles each day. I am participating in water aerobics 45 minutes 3x a week. (my 3rd year). I have been doing a lot of yard work, planting flowers around the house. sowing grass seed,  trimming unwanted growth along the fence and cleaning and ordering storage in our garage.

I have fixed a number of appliances like the microwave & water heater,water conditioner thanks to Utube. I love making things work.

I play my piano for enjoyment and listen to music all day long with my many listening devices such as speakers, headphones and ear buds. I love walking with my Iphone connected to the internet. 

I watch and listen to current events and political issues on many different venues. 

Other than active  things I love  to eat my wife's wonderful cooking. Chocolate is my current addiction and usually have someting in the house to satisfy this affliction. 

So I already have things that I have always done but my worst time is watching TV after dinner until I turn in.  A risk time when I really crave a smoke.  

Other than that I can't say I'm not busy most of the day. Cravings are minimal.

I relapsed after my wife and me had a "spat". I don't handle confrontation very well and left the house and immediatly bought a pack of smokes after 60 days smoke free. I need to better deal with that kind of pressure. We made up when I got home. So I really started back up for no reason.

Oh well, so it goes.

Andrew (3 days smoke free)


From: Loreficent


You got this Andrew. You know you can go at least as long as you did before the spat, so don’t even think about until that time frame has passed. You did that. So it is doable again. I know it sounds easy for me to say. But, think about it. It is true! Embrace the positive of how far you made it and let that empower you with knowledge you CAN go at least that long. 
The addict is part of you. Not a separate evil piece to be resisted. That won’t work. What will work is complete and utter acceptance of this piece of your psyche. Not something to get rid of or resist, but a piece to retrain. That piece got trained to smoke a long time ago, so not easy to retrain now, but, most definitely can be redirected. Acknowledge that voice and say “yup, I hear you. You want your cigarette as it is time. And I have …. For you instead “ Fill in blank with something positive. A walk, a nap, a shower, a good book, a few minutes on the Insight Timer app learning to meditate. There are so many things it can have! Teach the voice that smoking is not it’s only relief. 
Dig in. Breathe. All cravings pass no matter if you smoke or not. Promise yourself you will send an SOS. 
Acknowledge the crave, watch the wave play out, and carry on. The repeat when needed. Don’t make it bigger than it is. Look yourself square in the eye and be kind to yourself. You can even apologize to yourself and to the addict voice in a nurturing way and tell yourself how you are learning new things to satisfy. 
I don’t know I’m rambling. But…trust yourself. 


From: Anne2020


It certainly sounds like you have set yourself up for success.  60 days is a great achievement and one relapse doesn't take away from that.  Sometimes its the relapse that makes you that much more determined and identifies your weak spot.  Now you know about the trigger, you can prepare yourself for it.  

You are doing so well, I just know you will make it all the way.

Well done Andrew - Cheers to you.   


From: Jatchat


Encouraging post Andrew, keep it up

In Christ



From: Jerthie123


Thanks Kathy.  Your support means a lot to me.  Thank you!


From: Jerthie123


Thanks girl.... The support here is amazing.  I am so blessed to have you all on my side!!